Hazard 4 Plan-B™ - Grayman™ Series
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定價 HK$999
價錢 HK$789
Being jammed in confined spaces for hours is an unfortunate part of the business for many professionals we serve. Whether it’s a military unit in a personnel carrier, a pilot in a cockpit, drivers in a HumVee, or a journalist in the back of a goat truck, they all have to bring their gear, and all may need to ‘relocate’ in a hurry. Slim shaped, for fast maneuvering in crowds, they can be stored in vehicles/lockers, and are quick to take on or off. They are also ambidextrous, and unlike others in this class, are actually comfortable to wear. The main padded strap is cocked at either the right or left lower corner, so the pad aligns ergonomically in the correct body-hugging direction. There is no slack, or gapping away from the body as is typical with similar single shoulder packs. The bag can be rotated to the chest for on-the-go access, and all pockets are designed to face the user in this mode on either the right or left side. This means the user can go from wearing the pack on his back, to driving a vehicle with it on his chest in just a few seconds. One-strap also makes shouldering a long-gun natural - unlike a regular backpack. This version uses our new Grayman™ fabric for a more urban look.

• a low-key, urban version of our popular Plan-B™ pack with external tactical features removed
• in our Civilian Lab® edition and using our new for 2017 Grayman™ fabric which is very light and smooth, but mimics the look of felt or suit cloth
• still retains internal CCW panel and minor external color-matched molle for attaching a pouch or two
• slim, to fit between car seats, lockers, etc.
• rotates from back to chest for quick access
• thermoformed back-pad for air circulation, hydration & holster access w/ergonomic flex
• can be set-up for right/left hand use/rotation
• top trap-door/zip for hydration hoses/wires

What's Included:
• 1x 1” Stabilizer strap
• 1x Evac™ padded divider
• 1x Removable velcro-backed panel (to cover up velcro patch area when not in use)
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