Hazard 4 Airstrike Hardshell Digi-Photo Roller
取貨方式 工商區,住宅區
定價 HK$2,599
價錢 HK$1,979
A first-of-its-kind tactical padded rolling airline luggage w/ movable dividers for camera gear, optics, weapons, or other precision gear. A thermoformed shell protects laptops/provides mounting spots for our new Hardpoint® interchangeable hardware system. Also has telescopic-handle, multiple grab-points, rugged wheels/skid plate, steel shoulder strap mounts, and big admin area. All in our legendary rugged construction.

• A unique telescopic-handle carry-on roller w/exclusive shell & multi-use hardware (optional).
• Designed for heavier electronics like laptops, it features a modular padded bay for safely organizing/transporting SLRs, lenses, weapons etc.
• Fits up to a 17" laptop in padded compartment.
• Multiple handles, rugged wheels/skid plate, metal shoulder strap mounts, admin area, & more.

What's Included:
• 8x Movable padded dividers (1x large, 4x medium, 3x small)
• 4x Covers (for Hardpoint(R) double grommets)
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