Hazard 4 Shoreleave Rugged Luggage
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定價 HK$3,199
價錢 HK$2,379
This luggage size is likely the biggest that most users can comfortably roll/carry singlehanded. It is very rugged in upper construction and wheels/chasis build. That makes it suited to long trips/deployments into locales with roads/sidewalks, etc. It is just as easy rolling along a bombed out runway as over the cobblestone streets of Europe.

• top opens like conventional duffle w/ stiff bottom
• compressible sides & top with a bin-like lower
• Inside it splits 70/30 to access the bottom separately
• oversized fast-access pocket on top left
• bottom section also accessible by top
• wide compression-straps w/ large buckles
• multiple organization pockets throughout
• MOLLE/velcro areas on external surfaces
• two super-padded carry handles top/side
• big bottom glide-rails absorb travel abuse
• all-terrain, oversized, smooth-rolling wheels

Differences between Original vs MK2. (2020) Shoreleave Luggage:
1. Replace all rubber textile with Cordura® fabrics (more abrasion resistant and last way longer.)
2. Interior liner changed to tricot instead of polyester to allow for the use of hook-fastener dividers.
3. Replace generic locking buckles with Hazard 4® patented Roto-Lock buckles (already implemented on some of the later batches of the original design.)
4. Two-sided hand carrying handles replaced with top single handle, so there is no straps hanging in the way or on the floor
5. Bottom feet and plate removed to allow compact storage and reduce shipping volume.
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