ASUS TUF Gaming P1 防水布質遊戲滑鼠墊
  • 防水布質表面
  • 方便攜帶 260 x 360 mm 
  • 遊戲級別精確滑鼠準度
  • 耐用縫合邊緣
  • 防滑橡膠底部
出貨方式 自取 / 送貨
價錢 HK$99


TUF Gaming P1 is a 360 x 260 mm portable mouse pad with a smooth, gaming-optimized cloth surface for accurate and responsive tracking. This premium mouse pad features a water-resistant surface and anti-fray stitching for everyday durability, plus a non-slip rubber base to ensure that it stays securely in place ― even during the most frantic battles.


TUF Gaming P1 is made of durable water-resistant fabric that protects against accidental spills. A military-grade nano-coating makes it easy to maintain, ensuring a consistent tracking surface that holds up over time.


Whether you’re using an optical or laser mouse, the smooth textile-woven surface of TUF Gaming P1 is optimized for responsive tracking. The silky finish allows for effortless mouse glides for unmatched control and accuracy.


TUF Gaming P1 uses high quality anti fray stitches to ensure a premium look with long-lasting durability. And with the non-slip rubber base, this gaming mouse pad practically sticks to your desktop, assuring stability during your fiercest firefights.


  • 硬度: 軟
  • 表面物料: 布料
  • 底部物料: 橡膠
  • AURA Sync: 不支援
  • 尺寸: 260 x 360 x 2 mm
  • 重量: 132 g
ASUS 鍵盤/滑鼠/耳機 保用 2 年;ASUS Router 保用 3 年;滑鼠墊及手腕托產品不設保用
  • 由購買日起計,憑2000Fun收據及盒面保用貼紙保養
  • 如購買後起計7日內產品出現質量問題,可交回2000Fun處理(不包括人為損壞);第8日開始由客戶直接向匯科系統有限公司提出


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