Huawei AX3  WIFI6+ 路由器
  • 2976Mbps 無線速率,雙頻並發
  • 2.4 GHz/5 GHz無線頻段,2.4 GHz時可達574Mbps,5 GHz時可達2402Mbps
  • 外置四根芯片級協同高性能天線,穿牆王者
  • 凌霄四核1.4 GHz CPU,WI-FI 6+智能分頻
  • 四個10M/100/1000M自適應以太網接口
  • 可以同時接入128個設備
  • 支援WAN/LAN自適應
出貨方式 自取 / 送貨
定價 HK$588
價錢 HK$368
  • 平行進口產品 (水貨)
  • 12個月代理保養
  • 7日內有壞包換購物保障 (不包括人為損壞並須要保留完整包裝)


1. 在正常使用情況下,本產品自購買日起實行免費保養7日-1年,零件免費(電池及消耗品及IQOS除外)。
Under normal use, customers can enjoy free warrantyperiod 7 day to 1 year and free component calculated Fromthe purchase date as date as stated on the venderinvoice.(Expendables and batteryand IQOS are excepted)

2. 在保養期內,如有因使用不當,保養不當或自行拆卸所造成的損壞,需酌收材料費用。
The warranty dose not cover any damages caused bymisuse,improper storage.modification or repair madeother than Boom City Electronic Company or its authorize.Relevantreplacement parts world be charged.

3 產品超過保用期需酌收維收費和零件費用
After warranty period,both repair service andreplacement parts would be Changed.

4. 本公司保留對所有內容修改及解釋權。
Our company reserves the right of final interpretationon the aforementioned after sales terms and limitations.

5. 感謝您選擇寶城電子的產品,當你購買本產品時,請要求本公司員工在此保修卡上填寫購買日期產品型號及序列號並加蓋本公司印章後,妥善保存此卡。
Thanks for choosing Boom City Electronic Company products.Upon yourpurchase of this product,please request your vender tofill in the blanks with purchase date,model and serialnumber and affix venderʼs company chop on thiswarranty card.

6. 因維修而引致數據資料遺失;本公司一律不會負責。
Loss of data due to maintenance; The company will not be responsible.