Fex - Look and match
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價錢 HK$650

Looking carefully is the name of the game. Players have to find the set card that matches the search card shown. Cool animal motifs (elephant, fish, dog, penguin, and sheep) are shown on the cards. But which animal motif is identical, and which is back-to-front? Players who think they've found the right card mustn't play it too hastily or be distracted by disruptions. After all, there are commands and rules to follow. A game that trains concentration and the working memory. With variations in different levels of difficulty.


仔細觀察是遊戲的重點。玩家必須找到與顯示的搜索卡匹配的位置卡。卡上顯示了很酷的動物圖案(大象、魚、狗、企鵝和綿羊),但是哪個動物圖案是相同的? 認為自己找到了正確牌的玩家不能太倉促地決定,也不要因干擾而分散注意力。畢竟我們有一些命令和規則要遵循。訓練注意力和工作記憶的遊戲。遊戲會隨著不同的難度而變化。

134 pieces.
50 set cards (5 sets with 10 cards in each),50 searching cards (5 sets with 10 cards in each, recognisable by the coloured edge on the back),10 joker cards (2 per set of searching cards, recognisable by the biscuit on the back),Fex counter, 1 rule dice, 1red-green dice, 20 Fex dots.

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