PULUZ Photo Studio Box Foldable Photography Studio Lightbox Dimmable LED Light Shooting Tent Box Kit 6 Color Backdrops Softbox
品牌名稱: 普盧茲產地: CN(產地)尺寸 (WxHxD) : 20cm/25cm/30cm/40cm重量: 360g/720g/910g/1600g/2250g型號: 攝影棚 Puluz PU5022/PU5023尺寸: 大號包裝: 是的捆綁: 捆綁包 2材料: 塑料+布類型: Led燈箱Photo Video Box柔光箱/lightroom特點: 迷你可折疊相機影樓攝影照明帳篷套件盒攝影背景材料: 無紡布攝影盒: led演播室燈箱攝影套件: 迷你照相館便攜式照相館: Mini LED攝影棚照片箱: puluz照相館盒子小柔光箱: 照片帳篷箱照相館: 攝影照明照片集: 影樓配件桌面拍攝: 盒子照片柔光箱照片框: 攝影棚拍攝帳篷箱套件
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價錢 HK$695

Material: carbon fiber material, peach wood, sandalwood
Function: store soot to prevent the spread of smoke
Application: Suitable for family bedroom, living room, office, car, indoor and outdoor anywhere.

-- Classic, high-end luxury design and fashion, suitable for all places
use. You can effectively reduce the harm of indirect smoking.
-- Special cigarette holders for indoors, cars, and offices, collect and clean soot, without falling ash, and enjoy a comfortable space; smoke anytime, anywhere; no fear of soot
-- Small size and great use; soot storage; soot does not need to be shaken off, can be placed arbitrarily; games are not affected, leisure time smoking
-- Selected walnut wood and CNC anodized aluminum alloy create a unique and fashionable atmosphere. Solid wood insulation is not hot; can store 4 sticks of soot
-- Removable design at both ends, equipped with professional brush head, silicone head accessories are free for life
-- Real cigarettes are inserted straight; both thick and thin cigarette butts can be used; the silicone sleeve can be changed according to the size of the cigarette, which is suitable for most cigarettes on the market

Package Included:

1 set Ashtray

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