FeiyuTech 官方 Vimble One 自拍杆雲台手機適用於智能手機 iPhone 小米 Redmi 華為三星手持穩定器
品牌名稱: 飛宇科技飛宇科技型號: 維姆布爾一號軸數: 1 軸標題角度: 不滾動角度: 323平移角度: 不產地: CN(產地)配置為: 智能手機通訊: 藍牙類型: 手持雲台包裝: 是的特點: 人臉識別支持的移動設備最大尺寸: 41mm~89mm認證: 行政長官APP支持語言: 英語應用設置: 是的垂直拍攝: 是的支持遠程控制: 是的移動設備充電: 不重量(克): 272克尺寸: 130.4*63.1*58mm型號: 維姆布爾一號材料: 塑料相機集成: 不有效載荷: 75g-250g
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價錢 HK$258

1.What should be pay attention to while install with smartphone?
   Before turn on the gimbal, please unlock the position lock, and make sure the smartphone were installed and balanced properly, whether the logo on the phone adapter were put with upward.
2.Why the gimbal will be shut-down automatically?
  1)Whether the indicator were flashed with red light in three times, it yes, that means the battery need to be charging.
2)Whether there is a prompt tone: When turn off the gimbal in normal used way, there will be appare three beeps ; The gimbal will turn itself off and with four beeps, that means the gimbal work with abnormal way. In this case, please make sure if the position lock were unlocked, whether the smartphone were balanced properly ( the center of gravity of smartphone is balanced ).
3.Where could we download the App? What’s the function could be done?
   For Android system of smartphone , we could be download the Feiyu On App from Google play. For iOS system of smartphone, we could be download from the App Store. For first time using, the App will requested to log in with phone number or mailbox.
After connecting the bluetooth with Feiyu On App successfully, we could control zoom in/out by slide the Focus button up/down, switch shooting mode by long press the shutter button, and switch the front and rear camera by double tap the shutter button etc..

Easy to use tutorial:

Anti Shaking
for Stabilized Images and Videos
Built-in attitude sensor, adjust the smartphone gesture timely with the brushless electric machine. Eliminate the hand shaking effectfor smooth videos.Small and Portable, Easy to Carry
Fashionable and simple design, you can put Vimble One in the pocket anytime when it's folded.Extend Freely for Fantastic Filming
Built-in extension pole gives more freedom when taking selfies and taking group photos. This allows a wider frame to easily capture beautiful scenery.Quick Connection, Easy Operation
Pull up and down native cameras directly is controlable through button on handle. (Connected to APP)Quickly Switch Between Landscape And Portrait Shooting
Quickly switch between landscape and portrait shooting, easily control various shooting scenes- perfect for daily shooting and recording, and a perfect tool for live streaming and TikTok videos shooting.6 Hours Battery Life Satisfies all Your Needs
The battery life is up to 6 hours and support power bank charging, which is enough for daily needs. Stabilization always be together with your passion.Phone Holder for Live Streaming
A phone holder for live streaming which is adjustable for height, and an anti-shake stabilizer for outdoor live streaming.Horizontal Locking Mode
The phone remains horizontal while the handle wagging from side to side, enable to shoot smooth videos.Follow-up Mode
Filter out the quick shake of the handle and make the phone rotate smoothly to achieve the "inception mode" rotating shooting.More Shooting
Functions Connecting to APPGesture Control Camera Shooting
Simple gesture to turn on camera shooting, taking selfie is no longer a problem when traveling alone, and convenient for taking group pictures.Hitchcock Dolly Zoom
No need for professional equipment, you can shoot a blockbuster. With the APP, you can easily achieve Hitchcock dolly zoom shooting and experience the classics.Overlapping Images
Spark Your Creativity
Repetitive exposure at different times enable to unleash your creativ-ity for eye-catching images!One Key to Freeze
the Scene of Street
The automatic exposure of light tracking can easily catch the motion locus of light, to record the scene of street and splendid night.Time-lapse Photography
One click to start the static timelapse to capture the movement of nature, the moving timelapse brings the glamour of time travel.

Common question: Why the gimbal will SHUT-DOWN automatically?

1.The triaxial motor lock is not unlocked.
2.Before starting, the center of gravity is unbalanced or the logo is not up.
3.Power is too low.
4.High motor temperature (131℉)
5.Heavy motor load (more than 8.5 oz)

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