HiFi Audio Cable Ground Loop Noise Isolator GND Black Hole Eliminate Static Electricity Power Purifier Electronic
品牌名稱: 錄音師連接器 B : 傑克性別: 男-男認證: 行政長官型號: VB2020121504產地: CN(產地)類型: 音頻延長線連接器 A : 傑克
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We have Clip plug, Y plug, USB header, RCA header and Banana plug,you can place an order according to your needs

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[product name]: electronic black hole (electronic box)

[Inner material]: Ultra-high density semiconductor wafer, isolation sealing epoxy resin

[Coat material]: mahogany or paper tube

[product size]: length 62MM diameter 24mm mahogany version length 70MM diameter 25mm paper tube version

[product weight]: about 60g

[Cable clip]: 15cm long single crystal pure silver wire or copper wire + copper alligator clip

A new electronic black hole that eliminates static electricity and high-density electronic floor boxes.

1. Ultra-small electronic grounding box, graphene + high energy density semiconductor material to achieve the effect beyond the traditional box.

2. Uncompromising use of materials, high-reduction laboratory-grade copper lead, WTB silver solder, without any connector transfer, the lowest dyeing.

3. Low-key and luxurious school sound style, without any dyeing, focus on improving the sound quality.

4. This product adopts semiconductor passive design. Because it does not receive electricity, it will only absorb free electrons in the system, purify the power supply, and filter noise. Therefore, it has no negative impact on the device itself, and it will only improve the sound quality.

5. The sound of the wire, the silver wire is better, followed by copper, and then the alloy wire.

Principle of action:

1. It can reduce the static electricity generated by the accumulation of free electrons, so that the equipment casing maintains a stable potential and reduces interference with signals. The sound is more stable and the sound field is more clear.

2. It can reduce the static potential energy of electrons.


1. Connect to the case, preferably on the screw. It can change the spatial separation well and the sound is simulated. It is best to use every device in the system.


1. Different screws on the device have different sounds and you can try more.

2. Connect the negative terminal of the speaker terminal of the amplifier output to improve the softness of the sound.

3. One device can use multiple electronic black holes, and the effects can be superimposed.

4. If the case has no conductive place, try to clamp it on the interface.

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Q:What's the fuction for this?

A: Improve the sense of three-dimensional space, black background, sound field positioning, low frequency density, vocal smoothness, instrument separation, etc.

Q:Can work on the cd and music fax A200DM ?

A: The electronic black hole is amazing. I bought 2 pieces on the cd and music fax A200DM. In just a few hours, the sound has a gratifying improvement. The density of the sound, the details, the depth of the sound field, etc. have all been improved.

Multiple Colors Available

there are paper tubes and rose wood for choose

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