Shinco 4M 有線動態卡拉 OK 麥克風用於唱歌,金屬手持麥克風兼容卡拉 OK 機、揚聲器、放大器、混音器
品牌名稱: 新科風格: 手持麥克風傳感器: 動圈麥克風使用: 卡拉OK麥克風設置類型: 單麥克風產地: CN(產地)認證: 沒有任何包裝: 是的型號: WH88
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Shinco Dynamic Karaoke Microphone for Singing 4M Cable, Metal Handheld Mic Compatible with Karaoke Machine,Speaker,Amp,Mixer


Uni-directional microphone pattern, wired dynamci microphone.
Powered by it's own jack and no battery required for operation.
Handheld with on / off switch on the microphone for convenience.
4m Long cable is enough to move unimpeded.
1/4" pug for different devices, such as portable speaker, DVD, Audio Mixer, Audio Amplier and so on.
Perfect for singing,karaoke machine,live broadcast,conference,church,etc.


Type: Wired Dynamic Microphone
Cable Length (cm): 4m
Frequency Range: 50Hz - 15KHz
Impedance: 600ohms±5 percent
Polar Pattern: Uni-directional
Sensitivity Range: -72dB ± 3dB
Package weight: 0.35 kg
Package size (L x W x H):25.5 x 9.5 x 6.5cm


Wired Microphone x1pc (1/4" plug)
1/8" transmitter x1pc

It is a convenient home plug-and-play microphone. It is a one-piece voice, the signal transmission is not easy to interrupt. In addition, we have a 6.35mm (0.25 inch) to 3.5mm (0.14 inch) conversion plug for easy conversion when using other electronic products.

6.35mm-3.5mm Jack Adapter

Equipped with 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter, which makes the product's application scenarios wider.

Compatible for Speaker, Amplifier or Mixer

Allowing the karaoke microphone to be directly used for the speaker, amplifier or mixer. Superior construction of the mic cable can isolate external electromagnetic interference and make the sound transmission more clearly.

Unidirectional,Dynamic and Ultra-Wide Frequency Response

Cardioid pickup pattern captures source signal such as guitar amplifier or vocalist, while shunning off-axis sound minimizing background noise.
Ultra-Wide Frequency Response for brilliant and transparent sound with integrated pop filter and windscreen to minimize breath and pop noises.

4M Long Enviromental Cable

Professional enviromental cable is perfect for your bedroom, professional studios and on-stage vocal performances all over the globe


Power & clarity altogether makes up a great microphone. Perfect for studio & stage use.

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