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*16 most popular sizes----with very good performance ratio,fasteners have hole size from 6mm to 10mm for Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Jeep, Motorcycle, Chevrolet, etc.

*High quality plastic material of 680pcs clips----wear 

resistant,corrosion protection,rugged and vibration resistant,not easy to break and long service life

*Better fastener Remover Tools----Made of Nylon fiber,more stronger than normal plastic,wider,no scratches

*Remove fasteners easily----quickly and easily remove the door panel and interior trim clips without damage, fast fastening and keep your parts tight.widely used in doors, panels, bumpers, fenders, engine covers and splash guard holder replacement, ect

*Easy to store----small size, light weight, easy to store or carry around. There also comes equipped with a plastic box with compartments for organized storage.  


Type:Car Retainer Clips Fasteners

Color :Black

Trim Tool Material:Nylon Fiber

Quantity: 680/726 PCS/Set

Model: Reference picture

Use Range:

Commonly used in auto parts side skirts, bumpers, car fenders, hoods, door trims, interior trims and various trims.

They can be used in cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, trains, airplanes, caravans, etc.

Package Included:

680 Pcs 16 Different Sizes Boxed Buckle Set


1 x Screwdriver

35 x spongde-cushion

6 x cable tie

4 x panel removal tool

680 Pcs 16 Different Sizes Boxed Buckle Set

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