30 Days Long Standby GPS Car Tracker Remote Anti Theft Vehicle Truck Tourist Tracking Locator Sim Card Included
品牌名稱: 萬維科技產地: CN(產地)GPS地理位置: 歐洲電壓: 5V電池壽命: 30 小時及以上商品尺寸: 80mm(L)*50mm(W)*32mm(H)特色: 遙控全球定位系統類型: GPS追踪器型號名稱: 便攜式全球定位系統屏幕尺寸: 無屏幕全球定位系統模塊: 是的輸出功率: 0認證: 行政長官認證: 聯邦通信委員會認證: RoHS設備名稱: 便攜式全球定位系統尺寸: 80mm(L)*50mm(W)*32mm(H)盒子尺寸: 117mm(L)*90mm(W)*49mm(H)設備重量: 170克箱重: 219克工作溫度: -25℃~+80℃GSM頻率: 850/900/1800/1900MHz定位精度: <=5mGPS頻道: 20備用電池: 6000毫安GPS 靈敏度: -144dBm追踪靈敏度: -160dBmGPS天線: 內置陶瓷天線GSM天線: 彈簧天線GPS芯片: MTKGPRS : 12 類 TCP/IP參數設置: 短信指令/平台
出貨方式 送貨
價錢 HK$285

Big Surprise

Hello, everyone, our new app "TrackerOne" has been released, it supports to register by email and add devices yourself. Smooth trace, high performance and fast response, all operations are intelligent and automatic. Experience now!

Note: you can use "WanWayTrack" at the same time, but the new app "TrackerOne" is more convenient to consumers. It can download at app store or google play store. Hope you can try. Device cannot support other sim and app.

Super Useful GPS, Pay As You Go

Where to Use?

It can be fitted on a Car, Van, Coach, eBike, Motorbike, Trike, Quad, Jetski, Plant, Truck, Trailer,
Caravan and Mobile homes.

Battery Keeps How Long?

Large battery life rechargeable is suitable for long-distance transport. It can be used for about 30 days in intelligent power-saving mode. Choose interval time 1440m or 24 hours, the standby time can be up to 365 days.

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