G4 Head Up Display GPS HUD  Car Speedometer Smart Digital  OverspeedAlarm Reminder Car Electronics Accessories for All Cars
品牌名稱: 信箱產地: CN(產地)有線或無線: 有線額定功率: /尺碼名稱: 52mm,52mm,14mm輸出頻率: /型號: GPS G4 HUD風格: GPS系統材料: ABS+PC功能一: GPS衛星數量功能二: 速度功能 3 : 羅盤功能 4 : 公里英里切換功能 5 : 疲勞駕駛功能 6 : 根據亮度調節功能 7 : Rohs、CE、FCC功能 8 : 與 USB 端口連接功能 9 : 速度報警
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HUD Drive: The best head-up display for any car
1:Head-up display (HUD) for everyday commute to stay focused and connected while driving
2:Installed on the dashboard at one time, the cables are concealed, and the appearance is the same as the original car, The machine does not damage the car, and use safe.

(For all models, the connection is a USB interface.)

The original car is not damaged, the smart is started to stop with the car;
HUD works: Receive the data from the car and display it on the machine.

1.Satellite icon:After the satellite is found, it stops flashing and goes out before it can be used normally
2.Compass: N (North) E (East) W (West) S (South)
3.Speed unit: MPH- mile, KM/H- kilometer
4.Ambient Light(6 colors switchable)
5.Button:Please refer to the manual for details on the functions of the buttons
6.Adopt tight small pattern
7.Bracket interface
8.Micro Usb interface
9.Photosensitive element:G4 can automatically adjust the brightness according to the external light intensity.


G4 it will automatically alarmif overspeed so it can save youfrom looking down the speedometer and drive safely.

Photosensitive element:

G4 can automatically adjust the brightness according to the external light intensity.


Easy to install plug and play

Multiple installation positions are available and 360 degree rotation bracket

Apply to all cars

GPS+Beidou dual mode chip

You can tell north, south, east, west anywhereCommon problem:

Q1: Why does it automatically turn off after a period of time?

A1: Its default sleep time is 30s, So when your engine is turned off, it will automatically turn off after 30s .please choose "Sleep Time Set" to set the sleep time.

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