ROCKBROS 智能自行車尾燈自動啟動 停止制動感應 IPx6 防水 LED USB 可充電手電筒自行車配件
品牌名稱: 搖滾樂產地: CN(產地)認證: 行政長官型號: TL907Q5安裝位置: 座桿電源: 電池安裝方法: 鞍座 , 座桿重量: 大約 55g(包括支架)物理尺寸: 約40*34*34毫米輸出: 最大 60 流明智能傳感器: 剎車、運動、光感電池: 400mAh 鋰離子充電電池提示: 有2種款式,Q5和Q3特點: 自動啟動,停止制動感應,防水姓名: 自行車智能自動剎車感應燈 IPx6 防水 LED
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價錢 HK$225

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There are 2 styles,the Q5 and Q3,The follwing detail is Q5,If you want check the Q3 deatil,pls clik the picture


Strobe and constant light modes can be controlled manually

Products Detail

1.Full 6061 Aluminium alloy chassis. 2.Automatically turn on/off depending on the light intensity and motion.
3.Automatically switch to sleep mode to save power.
4.Seat rail mounting
5.Three flash modes.
6.20hrs+ run time.
7.400mAh Li-ion re-chargeable battery.
8.USB charging.
9.Battery indicator ( flashes every 6 seconds) 10.Compact and Light weight design (55g). 11.IPx6 Water proof.

Smart Light Sensing

Using highly sensitive smart sensor chip Able to correctly detect vibration and braking action

COB LED +Ensca lens

High visibility at night but not dazzling

Comparison Of Old lamp; New Technology

Compared with the old taillights, the new Q5 taillights use more technical quality lamp beads and lenses. Make the light soft, not hurt the eyes, more secure and stable.

Old Model-fog Lens

Low cost, simple process, soften light by reducing brightness

Q5-Optical Lens

High cost, complicated process, keep light transparent and bright without glare

Old Model-LED Patch

Low cost, simple process and short life More dazzling at the same brightness

Q5-COB Inversion

High cost, complicated process Longer life, more stable Softer at the same brightness

Brake Sensing-Integrated Accelerometer

Q5 comes with a built-in accelerometer/ high performance MCU and powers by the three-level digital filter algorithm which ensure correct detecting a brake

Shock Sensing

Automatically turn off the lights when there is no vibration for 30 seconds, and turn on automatically when you feel the vibration (Except in constant light mode)

Smart Light Sense

Built-in light sensor Works in harmony with vibration induction Smart start and stop saves power The strobe and constant light modes are manually controlled and are not affected by the sensing element

The SOS and Bright modes are manually controlled and are not affected by the sensing element

Battery Indicator

The indicator light flashes every 6 seconds, prompting the current battery

Switch modes at will

Click to switch the flashing mode: Flashing-Breathing-SOS-Shutdown

IPX6 Waterproof Design

Proper to any abusive environment

Compact and Lightweight design

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