2022 P301 便攜式筆式掃描儀 112 種語言翻譯筆式掃描儀即時文本掃描閱讀語音掃描翻譯設備
品牌名稱: 斯魯頓產地: CN(產地)輸出語言: 西班牙語輸出語言: 中國人輸出語言: 阿拉伯輸出語言: 俄語輸出語言: 法語輸出語言: 韓國人輸出語言: 葡萄牙語輸出語言: 日本人輸出語言: 意大利語輸出語言: 英語風格: 便攜的認證: 行政長官輸入語言: 西班牙語輸入語言: 中國人輸入語言: 阿拉伯輸入語言: 俄語輸入語言: 法語輸入語言: 韓國人輸入語言: 葡萄牙語輸入語言: 日本人輸入語言: 意大利語輸入語言: 英語類型: 語音翻譯型號: P301-GE顯示屏: 是的喇叭功率: 1 瓦產品類別: 閱讀機車身顏色: 金屬灰材料: ABS揚聲器阻抗: 8 歐姆 1 瓦Battery Type: Rechargeable lithium batteryweight: 60gBelt speed: Seven-speed transmissionInternal storage capacity: 8GVoltage: 3.7VAudio track format: MonoDimensions: 34.5mm*14mm*147mm
出貨方式 送貨
價錢 HK$493
Equipment languages are: English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese
Text scanning and translation:
Offline support for translation between Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and 4 languages
Online support for scanning in 55 languages
Voice translation: support 112 kinds of online language mutual translation
Other features include: AI assistant, Chinese and English courses, favorites, spoken language evaluation, smart recording, Bluetooth function, external card extension, etc.

About this item:
1.more typing is needed when you transcribe a document! Just scan with  and you can effortlessly extract the text from paper or screen to any computer or smartphone.

2.Automatically transcribe voice into text to help you take more notes in less time. Never miss anything important in meetings and classes!

3.TWO-WAY SPEECH TRANSLATION – Translations are instantly played via the built-in speaker and shown on the pen. 112 languages are supported.

4.Scan multiple sentences at once and you will instantly get the accurate translation. It is ideal for students! 55 languages are supported.

5.STANDALONE OR SCAN TO PC/SMARTPHONE – It is the most advanced portable scanner with a 2.98" LCD touchscreen. You can use it standalone anywhere-at the library, in class, at the office, or on the go-by directly checking results on the pen. You can also use it with the app and easily scan text to a PC or smartphone. Win/Mac/Android/iOS are supported.


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