Y68 智能手錶 D20 男士健身心率追踪器 IP67 女士血壓計藍牙手錶適用於 IOS 安卓小米兒童
品牌名稱: 易風機制: 是的產地: CN(產地)可用 SIM 卡: 不系統: 安卓操作系統系統: iOS全球定位系統: 不類型: 手腕上兼容性: 所有兼容只讀存儲器: 128MB功能: 里程計功能: 健身追踪器功能: 睡眠追踪器功能: 來電提醒功能: 心率追踪器功能: 計算器後置攝像頭: 沒有任何語言: 英語內存: 128MB防水等級: 生活防水多個撥號: 是的認證: 行政長官電池容量: 120-180mAh網絡模式: 沒有任何風格: 時尚機芯類型: 電子的屏幕形狀: 正方形APP下載可用: 是的外殼材料: 合金錶帶材質: 橡膠申請年齡組: 成人電池可拆卸: 不帶可拆卸: 是的錶盤直徑: 35mm帶寬: 22mm外殼厚度: 10mm帶長: 26厘米分辨率: 240*240顯示尺寸: 1.3英寸兼容性: 安卓和iOS語言: 荷蘭語心率血壓血氧: 距離步卡路里2021 男士和女士運動手錶: 時尚運動科技智能腕帶來電提醒、信息推送: 藍牙連接手機APP消息安卓 5.0 : iOS 7.0 及以上,藍牙 4.0
出貨方式 送貨
價錢 HK$101
Model Number:Y68/D20 (manufacturers have different Bluetooth names for different batches, and the product is the same, which does not affect the use of the product)
Battery capacity: 150 mAh
Life time: Use  About  2-3 days Actual use depends on personal use
Waterproof: IP67(Life Waterproof,Not for swimming)
APP:FitproCompatible systems: Android 5.0 (above), IOS8.0 (inclusive) and above
Message reminder:Twitter message,Whatsapp message,Facebook message, Instagram message, SMS

More functions: Find bracelet,Alarm reminder,remote camera, Raise your hand to brighten,Music control

Intelligent reminder: Call reminder,information push,sedentary reminder

Full-day activity tracking: steps,calories burned,mileage.

Heart rate, Blood Pressure,Sleep monitoring 

Sport mode: Running,Sit-up,Skippiong rope

Watch APP Supportslanguages: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese,Netherland, Poland
Language supported by news content: Chinese, English
Watch APP:Fitpro
Package Contents:
1 x Smart Watch
1 x Manual
1 x Paper Box
1.This product can only surface splash waterproof(Cool water), please don't wear it to swim ,drop it to the water or soaked in water ect.
2.If the watch can't be touched in the middle, please touch the screen slightly to the left, the effect will be better.
3.If the watch can't be stat rup,pls charge it 5-10min before you use
4.Please charge it for 2-3 hours when you receive it. it was run out of power after the long delivery.
If you have any question, you can feel free contact us.
Thank you!
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質 詢 電 話:66867308

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