Cornmi 迷你空氣淨化器清新劑離子發生器除臭器空氣淨化器運動感應燈寵物煙霧廁所
品牌名稱: 咕咕風量: 50立方米/小時產地: CN(產地)功率 (W) : 1w電壓 (V) : 5V認證: 行政長官
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價錢 HK$191

1. Double brush head design:

The product adopts a double brush head air outlet design, 360 degrees without dead angles. fresh air. It can remove formaldehyde, remove peculiar smell, deodorize, eliminate second-hand smoke, and reduce PM2.5.

2. Environmentally friendly pure negative ion purification:

Our product is different from other built-in negative ion generator purifiers. It adopts the most advanced built-in double brush head pure negative ion purification on the market, and the negative ion concentration can reach a high concentration of 110 million, which is less than 50 cm away from the effect. The test is about 35 million> 10,000 in the mouth of the dual brush head, and you can feel the obvious negative ion air effect with your hand. Stable and efficient release.

3. Mute design:

The product adopts a noiseless mute structure, long-term use 24H, will not delay your sleep.

4. Low energy consumption:

The product adopts about 1W power and AC100-240v wide voltage composition, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

5. Quality Assurance:

The product is designed with environmentally friendly and wear-resistant ABS material, one-button startup and shutdown, simple and convenient, suitable for home, pets, basement, bathroom, bedroom and other occasions.

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質 詢 電 話:66867308

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