220V 110V 20g 10G強力臭氧發生器陶瓷臭氧發生器臭氧臭氧發生器雙一體陶瓷板臭氧發生器空氣淨化器
品牌名稱: UIPOY風量: 50立方米/小時功率 (W) : 40w電壓 (V) : 220V容量 (CFM) : 20克/小時風格: 空氣淨化器應用領域: 11-20㎡安裝: 便攜的甲醛去除率: 99.20%類型: 臭氧發生器電源: 交流源苯去除率: 99.90%噪音: ≤35dB陰離子密度: 1000000pcs/m³應用: 10-20m³認證: ce功能: 消毒風速: 標準氧氣供應: 低於 1L/min型號: U-20使用條件: 家庭電源: 交流電
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For home, car, workshop, shed, bathroom, conference rooms, public places sterilization, air purification

Ozone disinfection sterilization machine for the goods utilizing for lightning discharge principle of ozone to the air as raw material, creeping discharge technology jerks release of high concentrations of ozone, ozone is one of the strongest known oxidant, at certain concentrations, can quickly kill off the water and air in a variety of harmful bacteria. It is recognized as the world's a broad spectrum of potent bactericidal disinfectant.

Input voltage: 220V or 110V, Ozone Output: 20000mg / h ; Scope of application:200 Cubic or 70 square
Current consumption: <750mA; Power consumption: <200W; Output high-pressure: 5.5 0.5KV
Operating temperature: -10 Celsius -60 Celsius; Humidity: 35% -85% RH; Storage temperature: -20 Celsius -70 Celsius
Application: suitable for or home, car, workshop, shed, bathroom, conference rooms, public places sterilization, air purification.
Package Included: 1 x Set of 20g ozone generator(Includes fan)

1. When using this ozone generator, better to use an electrical fan. and strictly forbid people working in the room with ozone in high concentration. The output high voltage is dangerous. you are strictly forbidden to touch it in any way when it is working.
2. Clean the ceramic plate with ethyl acohol every month, and use it when it fully dry. In this way, to gurantee normal ozone yield.



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