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品牌名稱: 香氣隧道產地: CN(產地)型號: 075產品名稱: 香味機顏色: 白色的噪音: 小於 30dba電壓 (V) : 12V功率 (W) : 5.4W重量: 0.7公斤尺寸: 150*150*65mm操作方法: APP藍牙功能: 香味材料: PP塑料容量: 130毫升香味覆蓋區域: 300-400m³安裝: 壁掛式/桌面放置定時器: 是的電源類型: 交流源插頭規格: 美國/歐盟/英國/澳大利亞應用: 酒店、家庭、辦公室、酒吧、健身房等商業營銷場所功能一: 舒緩心情功能二: 改善空氣環境功能 3 : 芳香療法功能 4 : 消除異味功能 5 : 提高生活質量功能 6 : 商業香水營銷
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Aromatherapy machine and essential oil description

1. The difference between aroma diffuser and humidifier.
The material of the aroma diffuser is concentrated essential oils. After power on, the essential oils are atomized into tiny fragrance particles to diffuse, so that the space is full of comfortable fragrance profile. As for humidifier,it heats the water, the essential oils spread out through a fan, and water-base oils are used . The fragrance does not last long compared with an aroma diffuser.

2. What are the benefits of a household aromatherapy machine.
Let the fragrance fill the room, create a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, improve the quality of life, and enjoy a warm time with family and friends

3. What are the benefits of a commercial aromatherapy machine.
Scent marketing is a popular consumer experience service at the moment. A specific fragrance can make customers feel happy, increase their attention, memory, and sense of identity, so that they can stay in the store for a longer time.

4. Can essential oils be mixed with water? Is it harmful to the human body?
Our essential oils are pure plant extracts and cannot be mixed with water.
Essential oils have passed SGS and other testing certifications,no harmful.

Two-fluid atomization technology

Use high-pressure technology to quickly atomize the essential oil liquid into nano-aromatic molecules, and evenly diffuse them to all corners

Less than 30dba, silent operation

Do not disturb work during the day;
Do not disturb rest at night.

Timing function

You can set multiple working hours

Mobile phone Bluetooth operation

Bluetooth remote control, start the aroma diffuser at any time, keep the indoor fragrance

Why do Essential oils have top, middle, and back notes?

Different essential oils have different volatilization rates. Therefore, the top notes, middle notes and back notes of perfume appeared
The top note is the first information revealed by the essential oils, that is, when you are in contact with the scent, you can smell it within a few tens of seconds to a few minutes, and reach the nasal taste.
The middle note is the most important part of the essential oil. It begins to diffuse after the top note disappears. The duration will be longer. The blending of the middle notes is the most important responsibility of the perfumer. In addition to choosing the appropriate combination of fragrances to highlight the characteristics of the essential oils, he also has to think about making the taste of the essential oils lasting properly.
The base note is what we often call the aftertaste, also called the deep note. It not only emits fragrance, but also has the function of integrating fragrance.

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