CE FCC ROHS Pinus longaeva 10G H 10克可調臭氧發生器臭氧水消毒機空氣淨化器除異味
品牌名稱: 長葉松風量: 400m³/h產地: CN(產地)功率 (W) : 80w電壓 (V) : 220-240V認證: CE、EMC、ROHS、CE容量 (CFM) : AAAAA風格: 空氣淨化器應用領域: >61㎡安裝: 便攜的甲醛去除率: 99.99%類型: 臭氧發生器電源: 交流源苯去除率: 99.97%尺寸: 其他噪音: ≤20dB陰離子密度: 沒有離子發生器應用: 1000M3/10T功能: 消毒風速: 標準氧氣供應: 5L/min以上型號: PL-10QNAO使用條件: 商業的電源: 交流電
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價錢 HK$636
Product picture: (When the product works, there is no electricity on the blue radiator, which is very safe)
There is no need to distinguish between inlet and outlet.
Inlet: We recommend that you use 6*10mm silicone tube or 8*12mm PU tube.
Outlet: We recommend that you use 8*10mm Teflon tube.
If you need to change the connector, please contact us.
Product parameters:
Product introduction:
Product name: Quartz tube type ozone generator Kit
Cooling way: Air cooling
Gas source: Air source, oxygen source
Gas pressure: <0.2Mpa (200kpa)
Environment: <40 degrees Celsius, <85%RH
Temperature rise: <8 degrees Celsius
Heat dissipation effect: Increase 1.6 times
Ozone concentration: Increase 10%-15%
Inner electrode: 304 stainless steel tube
Product application: Air purification and water sterilization
Service life / Warranty: More than 20000 hours / 2 year
Customized: Can be customized
Low temperature rise, high efficiency, moisture-proof, low-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-heat protection, open-circuit protection, short-circuit protection, automatically stabilize the output power.
Installation requirements:
We recommend that you install the ozone tube on the insulating board. If you want to install it on a metal shell, we recommend that you connect a ground wire to your metal shell.
You can use long screws to install the ozone PSU (ozone power supply, circuit board) away from the ozone tube (metal shell or other electrical appliances) more than 4cm. (Front, back, left, right, up, down)
When you get our product, you will get installation and operation instructions, which is simple.


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