品牌名稱: HOMDD風量: 50立方米/小時產地: CN(產地)功率 (W) : 2W電壓 (V) : DC5V認證: ROHS,SASO,CE風格: 空氣淨化器應用領域: <10㎡類型: 負離子應用: 3-8m³功能: 除甲醛型號: AH048
出貨方式 送貨
價錢 HK$467

New smart solar air purifier, plasma car perfume, timed multiple filter aroma diffuser

Product Name: Solar Car Air Purifier

Product shelf life: 3 years

Product features: light energy charging, negative ion purification, timing, start-stop technology with the car

Power supply mode: USB/car cigarette lighter/light energy charging

Product gross weight: about 800 grams

Product color: silver, black, red, blue

Single package size: 22*22.5*72

Product size: 18.5*6*17cm

Noise: 30-40DB

Purification principle: HEPA/HESA filter/negative oxygen ion

Power parameters: DC5V

Applicable area: 3-8m

Rated power: 2W

Battery capacity: 2000MA

Air volume: 20M³/H

Working temperature: -10~+80°C

Amount of negative oxygen ions: -20 million pieces/m-+20 million pieces/m

1. Quadruple filter: alumina filter layer, HEPA filter layer, activated carbon

2. Plasma purification technology to quickly improve the air

3. High concentration negative ion generator

4. Polycrystalline silicon solar charging, support solar, cigarette lighter, USB power charging

5. Not only a purifier, but also an aroma diffuser

6. Smart start with the car, close with the car

7. LED touch panel, easily solve the problem of riding environment for you

The solar car air purifier removes formaldehyde, light energy charging, negative ion purification, timing, on-board start-stop technology, brand-new materials and excellent workmanship are well received by consumers. Due to the small space in the car, the air is likely to cause bad health. It is necessary to choose one that can release negative ions to purify the air~

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