筆記本電腦CN-08YP1D 8YP1D CN-01P4HG 1P4HG 適用於戴爾 Inspiron 3442 3542 5748 筆記本電腦主板 13269-1 帶 I5-4210U N15V-GM-S-A2 全面測試
品牌名稱: 大好時代產地: CN(產地)認證: 沒有任何使用 CPU : 是的顯卡類型: 非集成系列: 靈越兼容品牌: 戴爾芯片組製造商: 英特爾芯片組: 英特爾型號: 靈越 3442 3542 5748內存類型: DDR3
出貨方式 送貨
價錢 HK$1,006

ShenZhen DAHAO Trading Co., Ltd

Note: Please check pictures and description before orderin

Motherboard function test process

1. Inspect the appearance of the product, such as oil, dust, tin soldering or other shipboard stains.

2. Check for the absence of electronic insulating tape.

3. Check the case for missing parts, rust, rot and heat dissipation.

4. Check the liquid crystal display, dual memory, DVD drive, network connection, voice, mouse, keyboard, dial, USB, SD connector, PC, 3.3v COMS battery, battery charge and discharge, fully run 3D, restart the system at least 2 times.

About the package

We will use special static bag with bubble bag wrapped into the box

Buyer attention

1. We provide a 45-day warranty in a normal and appropriate manner.

2.Please check the package when you receive it to avoid any damage. If the package is broken, please contact us first.

3. If you encounter some problems in the machine working environment, we will provide you with good technical support, or we suggest you ask you

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