Vastar 5V 8W USB 烙鐵套裝可調節溫度陶瓷芯加熱便攜式家用焊接焊錫修復工具
品牌名稱: 瓦斯塔產地: CN(產地)是智能設備: 不輸出功率: 8W尺寸: 5V 8W烙鐵輸入電壓: 5V輸出溫度: 330-450溫度穩定性: 95%認證: 行政長官型號: usb充電烙鐵烙鐵: 電烙鐵錫烙鐵: 烙鐵錫USB烙鐵: 帶調節器的烙鐵烙鐵架: usb烙鐵5v鐵架: USB烙鐵烙鐵5v : 5v烙鐵烙鐵調節器: 烙鐵我們焊錫調節器: USB烙鐵烙鐵免費送貨: 烙鐵焊錫烙鐵烙鐵: USB鐵烙鐵焊錫: 烙鐵套件鐵套件: 焊接工具烙鐵USB : 電烙鐵烙鐵USB : 買烙鐵焊接套件: 焊錫套件焊接工具: 焊接工具電烙鐵套件: 烙鐵工具錫工具: 焊接USB焊接套件: 焊接usb鐵製工具: 鐵焊烙鐵工具: 帶 1 個烙鐵頭套件隨機交付一個烙鐵頭。支持: 代發貨
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Do not tighten the soldering iron tip too tightly, otherwise it may cause the soldering iron tip not to heat up. It is recommended to use the blue gear to heat up.The red gear is the highest temperature, it is easy to burn the soldering iron tip.

The operation is simple:

1. Install the soldering iron, do not fully tighten the soldering iron tip.

2. Plug in the cable.

3. For the first time, you need to press the switch 6 times to turn it on.

4. Press the button to switch the temperature mode. They are green (low temperature around 100-180°C), blue (200-300°C), and red (300°C+). The red gear is easy to burn out the soldering iron tip if it is used for a long time, so it is generally used for preheating. Please use the blue gear for maintenance and welding.


1. The power supply current should be greater than 1.7A. If the power supply current is insufficient, it will enter the protection and cause the light on the switch to flicker uncontrollably. 2. If the soldering iron tip is too tight, a short circuit will occur, and the light on the switch will flicker uncontrollably.

Product instruction use:

1: press and hold the switch key for 2 seconds to starts, the green index lamp temperature is330-350°C

2:switch by single press, blue index lamp temperature is 370-400°C.

3:switch by single press, red index lamp temperature is: 430°C-450°C.

Quick energized:

It can be used by plugging in the power supply, which is simple and convenient.

Note: plug in the power to use a soldering iron no battery.

Multiple power supply methods:

1:plug in the power can be used.

USB with the charger:

it can be used after plugging in the power supply, and the power bank can be used for 8 hours.

Flexible tensile and high temperature resistance

Internal heating thermostat:

Aluminum-free soldering tin, anti-ox-idation, fast heating on tin, easy installation.

Technical parameters:

model : 5v 8w


adjust temperature range:330-450℃

Tin melting time:<15s

Auto sleep time: 10 Min

Cooling down:<30S

Package list:

1: soldering iron 1pc

2:soldering tip 1pc

3:usb power cable 1 pc

4:soldering iron station 1pc

5:solderng tin wire 1pc

6:user manual 1pc


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