品牌名稱: 洛凡斯認證: 行政長官產地: CN(產地)功率 (W) : 1000-1999W電壓 (V) : 220V型號: YD-011P迷你型: 小型的類型: 蒸汽熨斗加熱時間(分鐘): 1-2分鐘功能: 蒸汽爆發,塗層不粘底板,連續蒸汽輸出,可變蒸汽設置水箱容量 (ml) : 210毫升連續蒸汽(g / min): 22克/分鐘材料: 塗層底板齒輪選擇: >三檔姓名: LOFANS蒸汽熨斗品牌: 樂迷型號: YD-011P顏色: 粉色的淨重: 0.81公斤額定電源: 220v~50hz額定功率: 1600w產品尺寸: 237*105*125mm被子: 高的服務: 高的
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價錢 HK$706


Lofans Steam Electric lron

1600W Steam A lot of steam Steam Regulation Temperature Regulation

Ceramic glaze coated baseboard Large capacity water tank Function of spray Continuous steam

LOFANS Steam electric iron , iron every detail for your clothes

Dry and wet dual purpose , smooth clothes wrinkles

This ironing machine has two functions : dry ironing by turning off steam and wet ironing by turning on steam function.

Steam knob switch
Steam button
Spray button

Steam can be requlated

Multi gear adjustment , can iron clothes of all seasons

1600W Large steam , fast preheating

It can be pressed quickly to make the clothes flat

Heating up fast Continuous spray Fast wrinkle removal

22g/ min Continuous spray
Easy removal of large area wrinkle

Strong steam , easy and fast to smooth wrinkles

Vertical iron , no need to iron the plate
Long distance strong steam , can iron clothes directly on the hanger

Horizontal flat ironing
Horizontal spray ironing
Vertical hanging ironing

Strong steam to remove stubborn wrinkles

Spraying water mist on clothes during ironing helps to removeWrinkles from heavy clothing

Ironing in different gears to meet the needs of different fabricsall kinds of materials can be ironed easily

The ceramic glaze coating bottom plate makes the clothes in contact moresmooth and comfortable , so that the clothes are not damaged

210ML Large capacity water tank to meet the needs of daily ironing

Splash proof design

Ironing without marks
Avoid water stains

Trianqular design make it easy access to difficultoning areas

In order to ensure the normal operation of the product ,100 % wet water test will be carried out before leaving the factory.

As a result , there may be water mist or water droplets in the watertank , which is normal . Please understand

The leakage is usually caused by improper operation.
Do the following two steps to prevent water leakage.

Before adding water , adjust the iron gearto dry ironing position and add water
Do not exceed the maximum watermark when adding water to the iron

The scale removal slider can easily clean the scale

1.Check the water level . The waterlevel will be higher than half offull water level.

2.Set to flax position for preheating( about 1-2 minutes ).

3.Make sure that the steam knobis adjusted to the dry position.

4.Turn the temperature control knob to O andpull out the power plug.

5.Hold the iron horizontally on the wasbasin and press the steam jet buttonquickly ( At least 3 times per second )About 20-30 times

Ergonomic Handle
Comfortable arip and easy ironing
Adjustable Steam Volume
Choose the steam amount according to different materials
360 Rotary Interface
Rotary ironing is effortless

Net weight 0.81g

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