3xCGA-DU21 VW-VBD210 DU14 D21 2500mAh 電池+充電器,適用於松下 DZ-GX20 GX25M DZ-MV380 DZ-MV550 NV-GS120 NV-GS140 NV-GS150。
品牌名稱: 無線效率類型: 標準電池可充電: 是的型號: DU21THC使用: 相機包裝: 是的產地: 中國(大陸)
出貨方式 送貨
價錢 HK$317

3xCGA-DU21 VW-VBD210 DU14 D21 2500mAh Battery+Charger for Panasonic DZ-GX20 GX25M DZ-MV380 DZ-MV550 NV-GS120 NV-GS140 NV-GS150.


Li-ion, 7.40V, 2500mAh

Compatible with:

Replaces: CGA-DU06, CGA-DU06A/1B, CGA-DU07, CGA-DU07A/1B, CGA-DU07E/1B, CGA-DU12, CGA-DU12A/1B, CGA-DU14, CGA-DU14A/1B, CGA-DU14E/1B, CGA-DU21, CGA-DU21A, CGA-DU21A/1B, CGA-DU21E/1B, CGR-DU06, CGR-DU07, VW-VBD070, VW-VBD120-H, VW-VBD140, VW-VBD210, CGADU06, CGADU06A/1B, CGADU07, CGADU07A/1B, CGADU07E/1B, CGADU12, CGADU12A/1B, CGADU14, CGADU14A/1B, CGADU14E/1B, CGADU21, CGADU21A, CGADU21A/1B, CGADU21E/1B, CGRDU06, CGRDU07, VWVBD070, VWVBD120H, VWVBD140, VWVBD210,BP-DU21, BP-DU21, CGA-DU21A/1B, CGR-DU21A/1B, CGR-DU21, DU21, CGA-DU21, CGA-DU21E/1B, ERC535, DR3, DZ-BP14SW,  LIP07, LIP14, LIP21, VW-VBD210, VWVBD210, VBD210

Fits into:

NV-GS10, NVGS10, GS10, NV-GS100K, NVGS100K, GS100K, NV-GS10B, NVGS10B, GS10B, NV-GS10EG, NVGS10EG, GS10EG, NV-GS10EGA, NVGS10EGA, GS10EGA , NV-GS10EGR, NVGS10EGR, GS10EGR, NV-GS10EGS, NVGS10EGS, GS10EGS, NV-GS120, NVGS120, GS120 , NV-GS120K, NVGS120K, GS120K, NV-GS140, NVGS140, GS140, NV-GS15, NVGS15, GS15, NV-GS150, NVGS150, GS150 , NV-GS158, NVGS158, GS158, NV-GS17, NVGS17, GS17  , NV-GS180, NVGS180, GS180, NV-GS188, NVGS188, GS188, NV-GS200, NVGS200, GS200 , NV-GS200K, NVGS200K, GS200K, NV-GS21, NVGS21, GS21 , NV-GS22, NVGS22, GS22, NV-GS230, NVGS230, GS230 , NV-GS250, NVGS250, GS250 , NV-GS258, NVGS258, GS258, NV-GS26, NVGS26, GS26, NV-GS27, NVGS27, GS27, NV-GS28, NVGS28, GS28 , NV-GS29, NVGS29, GS29, NV-GS280, NVGS280, GS280, NV-GS30, NVGS30, GS30, NV-GS300, NVGS300, GS300 , NV-GS308, NVGS308, GS308 , NV-GS30B, NVGS30B, GS30B, NV-GS320, NVGS320, GS320, NV-GS330, NVGS330, GS330, NV-GS33, NVGS33, GS33, NV-GS35, NVGS35, GS35, NV-GS37, NVGS37, GS37, NV-GS38, NVGS38, GS38, NV-GS40, NVGS40, GS40, NV-GS400, NVGS400, GS400, NV-GS408, NVGS408, GS408, NV-GS40B, NVGS40B, GS40B, NV-GS44, NVGS44, GS44 , NV-GS50, NVGS50, GS50 , NV-GS500, NVGS500, GS500 , NV-GS508, NVGS508, GS508, NV-GS50B, NVGS50B, GS50B, NV-GS50K, NVGS50K, GS50K, NV-GS55, NVGS55, GS55, NV-GS55K, NVGS55K, GS55K, NV-GS58, NVGS58, GS58, NV-GS60, NVGS60, GS60, NV-GS65, NVGS65, GS65 , NV-GS70, NVGS70, GS70, NV-GS70B, NVGS70B, GS70B, NV-GS70K, NVGS70K, GS70K, NV-GS75, NVGS75, GS75, NV-GS78, NVGS78, GS78, NV-GS80, NVGS80, GS80, NV-GS85, NVGS85, GS85, NV-GS98GK, NVGS98GK, GS98GK , NV-MX500A, NVMX500A, MX500A, PV-GS120, PVGS120, GS120 , PV-GS150, PVGS150, GS150, PV-GS19, PVGS19, GS19 , PV-GS200, PVGS200, GS200  , PV-GS200K, PVGS200K, GS200K, PV-GS250, PVGS250, GS250, PV-GS29, PVGS29, GS29, PV-GS300, PVGS300, GS300, PV-GS31, PVGS31, GS31 , PV-GS320, PVGS320, GS320 , PV-GS33, PVGS33, GS33, PV-GS34, PVGS34, GS34, PV-GS35, PVGS35, GS35, PV-GS36, PVGS36, GS36, PV-GS39, PVGS39, GS39, PV-GS400, PVGS400, GS400, PV-GS50, PVGS50, GS50, PV-GS500, PVGS500, GS500   , PV-GS50K, PVGS50K, GS50K, PV-GS50S, PVGS50S, GS50S, PV-GS55, PVGS55, GS55, PV-GS59, PVGS59, GS59 , PV-GS65, PVGS65, GS65, PV-GS70, PVGS70, GS70, PV-GS80, PVGS80, GS80, PV-GS83, PVGS83, GS83, PV-GS85, PVGS85, GS85, SDR-H18 DVD, SDRH18, H18, SDR-H20 DVD, SDRH20, H20, SDR-H48GK DVD, SDRH48GK, H48GK, SDR-H68GK DVD, SDRH68GK, H68GK, SDR-H200 DVD, SDRH200, H200, SDR-H250 DVD, SDRH250, H250, SDR-H250E-S DVD, SDRH250ES, H250ES, SDR-H280 DVD, SDRH280, H280, SDR-H288GK DVD, SDRH288GK, H288GK, VDR-D100, VDRD100, D100, VDR-D150, VDRD150, D150, VDR-D158, VDRD158, D158, VDR-D160, VDRD160, D160, VDR-D200, VDRD200, D200, VDR-D210, VDRD210, D210, VDR-D220, VDRD220, D220, VDR-D230, VDRD230, D230, VDR-D250, VDRD250, D250, VDR-D258, VDRD258, D258, VDR-D300, VDRD300, D300, VDR-D308, VDRD308, D308, VDR-D310, VDRD310, D310, VDR-D400, VDRD400, D400, VDR-M250, VDRM250, M250, VDR-M30, VDRM30, M30, VDR-M30K, VDRM30K, M30K , VDR-M50, VDRM50, M50, VDR-M53, VDRM53, M53, VDR-M54, VDRM54, M54, VDR-M55, VDRM55, M55, VDR-M70, VDRM70, M70, VDR-M74, VDRM74, M74, VDR-M75, VDRM75, M75, VDR-M95, VDRM95, M95


Latest lithium-ion battery technology.

100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipments.

High capacity premium cell.

Absolutely no memory effect.

Low impedance battery design.

Best replacement battery.

Battery charger includes a base wall charger, adapter, AC/automobile power cord and cigarette lighter adapter.


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