Youpin HL香薰空氣加濕器家用阻尼器香薰精油香薰油加濕器精油擴散器
品牌名稱: 優品加濕方式: 霧排放功率 (W) : 5w電壓 (V) : 5V噪音: <36db產地: CN(產地)容量: 120毫升使用: 家庭出霧口數量: 一個/個安裝: 中央缺水斷電保護: 是的功能: 芳香療法認證: 行政長官,CCC型號: HL 芳香療法加濕能力: 300毫升/小時應用: 11-20㎡濕度控制: 恆濕器電源類型: USB類型: 超聲波加濕器霧量(加侖/天): -形狀: 商業廣場分類: 加濕定時功能: 不操作方法: 鍵盤類型發布日期: 2020特點: 加濕器特點一: 小米空氣加濕器特點二: 空氣加濕器特色三: 香薰擴散器特色四: 家用加濕器香薰特色五: 加濕器的精華特色六: 加濕器用精油
出貨方式 送貨
價錢 HK$375


1. Simple Design Style
Suitable for use in home, office, yoga

2. Small Capacity and Multifunctional 
120ml capacity, Run for 6-10 hours. When there is water shortage, the red light will prompt for 10 seconds and the power will be cut off intelligently.

3. Small capacity, great resistance

4. Soft night light, create a good atmosphere, with four different color gradual breathing soft night-lights.

5. Ultra-fine water mist spreads without damaging the natural ingredients of essential oils.

Material: ABS, PP
Power Type: USB
Voltage (V): DC 5V
Power (W): 5W
Water Capacity: 120ML
Function: Aromatherapy, Humdification

Package Included:
1 x Aromatherapy machine
1 x Manual
1 x Data line
1 x Certification
Quiet working condition, no noise, more relaxed and comfortable.
Aromatherapy Atmosphere|Simple and refined|Colored lighting atmosphere|Quiet comfortable companionship
  Small capacity and high capacity
The portable design has a capacity of 120ml, the indoor temperature is 25 °, and the heart lasts for about 6 ~ 10 hours. When the water is scarce, the red light will remind you for 10 seconds.
  Simple design style, pleasing to the eye.
Color using pure white, shape for the square and round perfect collocation,
the atmosphere simple style, suitable for a variety of decoration style, easy to use also must be  look good.

Button life. 
The press number of keystrokes is approximately 100,000 times  
Silicone non-slip design at the bottom.
Suitable for a variety of use scenarios, bringing comfort and health at all times.  



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