品牌名稱: 好運馬加濕方式: 霧排放功率 (W) : 2W電壓 (V) : 5V噪音: <36db產地: CN(產地)容量: <1L使用: 家庭出霧口數量: 一個/個安裝: 桌面/便攜式缺水斷電保護: 不功能: 芳香療法認證: ce型號: JSQ04應用: 11-20㎡濕度控制: 觸控電源類型: USB類型: 超聲波加濕器形狀: 其他分類: 加濕定時功能: 是的功能: 香薰USB LED適用於: 家庭臥室辦公室
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價錢 HK$375

350ML Air Humidifier USB Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy LED Wood Grain Cool Nano Mist Sprayer For Home Room

Super fog moisture and humidification
When the humidifier is turned on, it atomizes the water into ultra-fine water particles, quickly releases a large amount of wet fog, and humidifies gently to make every corner fresh

350ml large capacity water tank

Large capacity water tank, long-lasting humidification, moisturizing and comfortable all day

360 ° rotation fog

360 ° heavy fog, quickly sweep away the dry and wet water mist in the room,
Moisten every part of the room and humidify without dead corners

Small snow mountain appearance does not wet the desktop

Enjoy exclusive moisture and comfort
Wetness is only in the air - people enjoy the proper moisture and work easily

Fingertip light key humidification Touch on key

Simple operation
The wet life you want
With the nano mist floating gently

Add aromatherapy essential oil

The fragrance dissipates with the fog, refreshing the air and enjoying the fragrance of the whole room

Two color option

Simple wood grain appearance, RETRO art in life, easy to integrate into various environments

Colorful soft lamp

Romance and brilliance of light and fog, soft colorful atmosphere,
Accompany you all the time

Product details:

01. ABS material, durable and not easy to break
02. Multiple power supply modes, no need to worry about power consumption
03. Xiaoxueshan design atomization chip
o4. The bottom anti-skid rubber pad shall be placed firmly

Use steps:

Soak the whole cotton swab in water for 2-3 minutes
Put the cotton swab into the center of the machine
Close the upper cover
Plug in the power and turn on the humidifier

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