品牌名稱: 巴拉索夫加濕方式: 霧排放功率 (W) : 3W電壓 (V) : 5V噪音: <36db產地: CN(產地)容量: 1000ML使用: 家庭出霧口數量: 一個/個安裝: USB缺水斷電保護: 是的功能: 超聲波消毒認證: CB型號: 加濕器應用: 31-40㎡濕度控制: 沒有任何電源類型: USB類型: 蒸發式加濕器霧量(加侖/天): 50毫升/小時形狀: 商業廣場分類: 加濕定時功能: 是的材料: 塑料加濕量: 50毫升/小時尺寸: 103*103*218mm
出貨方式 送貨
價錢 HK$375

1. The voltage used by this product is DC-5V. Please ensure that the working power supply is 5V DC power supply. 
2. If you do not use this product for a long time, please keep the water tank clean, and wash the water rod to dry and unplug the power supply. 
3. It is recommended to use pure water. don't add essential oils to the humidifier,clean the water storage box once a month. 
4. If there is abnormal sound or the water mist is obviously smaller, please re-water the water tank after shutting down.
5. For the first time, put the Cotton Core into the water for 3~5 minutes, let the Cotton Core completely penetrate the water,then put it into use.

Package List:
1 * Humidifier 
1 * USB Cable 
1 * Cotton Core

Power: 3W 
Input Voltage: DC5V 
Size: 10.3*10.3*21.8cm 
Weight: 450g 
Timing function: Continuous use for 9 hours

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