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Colorful peanut crayon oil pastel brush gift box children's graffiti toy

Now, young toddlers can express their creativity by coloring them without messing up your home! washable! Just wash with a wet sponge and water, you can easily wash off the clothes and most of the surface! They will not stain children's hands and are difficult to break. They are a completely affordable option than traditional colored pencils. The ergonomic shape is suitable for small hands to grasp easily! Let your child experience a quieter and easier finishing, making dyeing more enjoyable!


    Safe and nontoxic materials-Children's peanut-shaped colored pencils are made of nontoxic materials (resin, food-grade paraffin, medicals talcum powder and food-grade pigments). Comprehensive safety for children, children, girls, boys and toddlers.

    Easy to grasp with small hands-3D colored peanut-shaped finger pens are specially designed for children. Toddlers' little hands can easily iron the crayons so that they can draw easily.

    Washable and does not stick to your hands-washable crayons in colorful 3D colors are very easy to put on and take off. Their surface is smooth and will not touchs the baby's hand. It can be cleaned with hand sanitizer. The fingers do not stick to the crayons, so parents can entertain their children without causing confusion.

    Colored and dust-free-the peanut colored pencil set contains crayons from 12/24/36. Color washable crayons can be used not only as drawing pens, but also as learning building blocks, which can improve babies' cognitive color literacy and creativity.

    Stimulate creativity and imagination-the peanut-shaped finger pen can not only draw crayons, but can also be used as a children's toy in the kitchen. They encourage children's imagination, creativity and independence. They are special gifts for boys, girls, toddlers, and children.


    Material: High molecular weight microcrystalline wax, refined from natural minerals

    The size of each crayon: 60 * 15 * 12mm

Package includes:

    12/24/36 color children's peanut sticks









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