Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia 75cl 2014 - 12481551
Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia 75cl 2014
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Winemaker Notes

這款葡萄酒濃郁,濃郁,深紅寶石色,帶來優雅,複雜的紅色水果香氣。口感豐富濃郁,和諧,單寧甜美均衡。這款葡萄酒具有較長的表面,深度和結構確保其非凡的使用壽命。 Sassicaia的意思是“許多石頭的地方”,指的是該地區的礫石土壤。原始的葡萄園有西南風光,廣泛的陽光和海風,營造出強大的植被。在溫度控制的不銹鋼罐中用天然酵母發酵15天之前,對葡萄進行精心挑選,去梗和粉碎。葡萄酒在法國橡木桶(40%新)中陳釀24個月,然後在瓶中精製6個月後再放出。

Points 92 – Wine Enthusiast

紅漿果,藍花,薄荷,異國情調的香料和法國橡木的香氣在這種無可挑剔的平衡光芒四射的紅色上形成。口感充滿活力,濃郁 - 幾乎空靈 - 提供覆盆子蜜餞,Marasca櫻桃,八角和肉桂,以優雅的單寧構成。重量輕,裝滿精緻,對於意大利大部分地區的涼爽葡萄酒來說,這是一個令人難以置信的結果。喝到2024年。

Winemaker Notes

Intense, concentrated and deep ruby-colored, this wine offers elegant, complex aromas of red fruit. In the mouth it is rich and dense, yet harmonious, with sweet, balanced tannins. The wine has a long finish with a depth and structure that ensure its extraordinary longevity. Sassicaia means “the place of many stones,” and refers to the region’s gravel soil. The original vineyards have a southwest exposure with extensive sun and maritime breezes that create robust vegetation. The grapes were handpicked, destemmed and crushed before fermenting with natural yeasts for 15 days in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. The wine was aged in French oak barriques (40% new) for 24 months, then refined for 6 months in bottle before release.

95pt – Wine Enthusiast

Aromas of red berry, blue flower, menthol, exotic spice and a whiff of French oak take shape on this impeccably balanced radiant red. The palate is vibrant and focused—almost ethereal—delivering raspberry compote, Marasca cherry, star anise and cinnamon framed in elegant tannins. Weightless and loaded with finesse, it’s an incredible result for what was a cool wet vintage in most of Italy. Drink through 2024.
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