Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz 2017 左撇子拳師紅酒 2017 - 12322459
酒款介紹: 「拳擊手」起源於第一個試喝此他的饕客口中:「天啊!我被擊倒了」,這是款兼具活力與複雜度的Shiraz紅花筒般變化莫測,中偏濃郁的酒體中,展現相當清亮的果香,約接近一半的美國新橡木桶,帶來接合無縫的味。嚐嚐看你可發現他像雙倍的Mollydooker?畢竟他是「拳擊手」喔。 強力而果香豐沛的澳洲Shiraz,最能直接引起食慾,單寧相對更柔軟溫和,所以能輕易搭配許多食物,布根地式直火炭燒牛排、甜麵醬的北京烤鴨,其實「拳擊手」的果香,與甜美醬汁的料理皆能勝任,比如照燒雞腿味濃郁的菜餚,大家能夠自行
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酒款介紹: 「拳擊手」起源於第一個試喝此他的饕客口中:「天啊!我被擊倒了」,這是款兼具活力與複雜度的Shiraz紅花筒般變化莫測,中偏濃郁的酒體中,展現相當清亮的果香,約接近一半的美國新橡木桶,帶來接合無縫的味。嚐嚐看你可發現他像雙倍的Mollydooker?畢竟他是「拳擊手」喔。 強力而果香豐沛的澳洲Shiraz,最能直接引起食慾,單寧相對更柔軟溫和,所以能輕易搭配許多食物,布根地式直火炭燒牛排、甜麵醬的北京烤鴨,其實「拳擊手」的果香,與甜美醬汁的料理皆能勝任,比如照燒雞腿味濃郁的菜餚,大家能夠自行延伸與搭配,相信自己的味蕾Wine Advocate曾給予95分及Best Buy與Excellent Value,Wine Spectator多年都有90-93分,Top Value與Best Buy名Wine & Spirits還連續3年獲得美國市場最受歡迎Shiraz第二名。 品飲筆記: 「含有巧克力包覆著梅子和些許綠色花椒的香氣,酒體濃郁,有天鵝絨般的單寧,尾韻悠長帶點巧克力氣息Czerwinski, The Wine Advocate ----------------------------------------------------------- 左撇子(Mollydooker)在2000年的澳大利亚著名酒評雜誌《Winestate》被命名為“澳大利亞年度最佳釀酒師”。其中拳師(The Boxer)、笨手笨腳(Two Left Feet)及小提琴手(The Violinist)均榮獲“頂級最佳價值葡萄酒”。 酒莊位於風景秀麗的麥克拉倫穀(McLaren Vale)。葡萄園座落在擁有壯麗海景的山嶺,有着古老的土壤,配合地中海氣候,所有的葡萄都可持續生長。左撇子努力讓自己的每一滴葡萄酒都令人驚喜!在其 Marquis 葡萄園澆水計畫中,每個細節都一絲不苟,瓶子上都配有識別標籤,追求卓越。 ----------------------------------------------------------- 參考官網 :

With heavy rain in the McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek regions during July, we saw a massive 31% increase in rainfall. These cold, wet conditions continued through to early summer, becoming the defining features of the 2017 vintage. Budburst and flowering were both delayed, resulting in a later harvest than normal. In the lead up to harvest there were concerns of mildew and botrytis affecting the grape quality, however due to our open canopies allowing air flow and perfect summer temperatures, our grapes were not affected. The quality of our Verdelho crops this year was second to none. Our new early pick Verdelho, exclusive to our Cellar Door, received excellent feedback. All our red varieties produced extraordinary results, with many blocks achieving greater yields and higher Fruit WeightsTM than ever before. Our total crop yield came in at 1363 tonnes, a result of the success of our Marquis Vineyard Watering ProgrammeTM. The Fruit WeightTM and flavours needed time to develop in the vineyards before we could begin crafting the wines in the winery. Our patience was well rewarded with plenty of bright, vibrant fruit. Primary ferments were vigorous and healthy; some were cooled to 3.5c to slow down the fermentation to allow maximum colour and flavour to be extracted from the skins. 2017 was one of our biggest and most successful vintages to date. Winemaker Tasting Notes Complex and expressive, the 2017 Boxer exudes vivacity whilst maintaining great length. Bright maraschino cherry, fresh plum, rich dark chocolate and liquorice max out the flavour spectrum. The tannins are fine, the fruit is soft and the flavours tickle the taste buds. Consistently impressive and seriously good, this wine is not short of character.
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