Kamiki 神息吉野杉樽熟成 750ml 禮盒裝- 09042845
Kamiki Intense Wood Maltage Whisky 神息吉野杉樽熟成 750ml 禮盒裝- 09042845
出貨方式 自取 / 送貨
定價 HK$1,600
價錢 HK$950

Kamiki is the “The first Whisky in the world with a Japanese Cedar Cask Finish”
Kamiki intense contains the same highly secretive blend of rare Japanese malt whiskies, pure Japanese spring water and the finest malt whiskies from the rest of the world as the original Kamiki.

The main difference with this expression is that it has been aged for double the time in Yoshino-Sugi wood.

The Ōmiwa Shrine lies at the foot of Mount Miwa, a holy mountain guarded by the shrine. Mount Miwa has many legends, and has been worshiped from ancient times as a sacred Mountain of the God. Inspired by beautiful breezes coming from the Mountain of the God, we named our whisky KAMIKI whereby “KAMI” means “GOD” and “IKI” means “BREATH”.
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