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Monte Del Fra Amarone Classico Della Valpolicella Doc Italian Red Wine 2013 蒙特法拉經典阿瑪羅尼干紅葡萄酒
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Tenuta Lena Di Mezzo

LOCATION: small valley along the Lena stream in the Eastern part of Fumane in Valpolicella Classico area
SIZE: 17,8 ha
GRAPE VARIETIES: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella
IRRIGATION SYSTEM: drip irrigation
VINE DENSITY: 4.000 vines/ha
ALTITUDE: 300-3520 mt a.s.l.
SOIL COMPOSITION: clayey and chalky soils of volcanic origin


Grape Varieties

80% Corvina veronese e Corvinone, 20% Rondinella.

Location And Characteristics Of The Vineyard

Lena di Mezzo is an entirely terraced estate of 17.8 hectares that lies in the heart of Fumane, a splendid hilly zone with tufaceous, clay and limestone soils, in which we have sought to express to the full the interdependence between the terroir and the indigenous grape varieties that are the unique heritage of the area around Verona.

Average Altitude

250/350 metres above sea level.

Training System And Plant Density

Only the Pergola training system is used. The choice of this training system was made to allow the Corvina Veronese and Corvinone grape varieties to have perfect exposure to the sun. Depending on the vintage, between 10% and 20% of the total production is specially selected and picked by hand: only the ripest, loosely-packed bunches are chosen for drying.


The grapes are picked around mid-October, after they have just started to dry on the vine. This drying process then continues in crates in a special drying area, under controlled conditions of humidity and at natural winter temperatures for 90-120/130 days, until the concentration of sugars in the grapes has reached at least 28%-30%


Gentle crushing and destemming of the grapes takes place, depending on the vintage, between the end of January and late February,  and fermentation in small, temperature-controlled truncated cone-shaped stainless steel vats is started off by indigenous yeasts that really highlight the specific organoleptic qualities of the grapes from Fumane. The fermentation is a slow one, with long maceration on the skins in order to allow for maximum extraction of the typical complex aromatic and polyphenolic components. Following the alcoholic fermentation and the malolactic fermentation which is carried out in stainless steel tanks, the wine spends at least 24 months in 20 to 30-hectolitre oak barrels before bottling. It then spends a period of at least 8 months in bottle before being released for sale.

Organoleptic Description

A dry red wine.


Deep ruby red with garnet highlights.


Cherries (both fresh and under spirits), plums and liquorice; spices such as pepper and cinnamon; hints of undergrowth.


Extremely elegant, well-balanced and velvety, but at the same time robust and complex, dry, full-bodied, generous and austere.

Vol. 15,00%
Total Acidity 5,50 gr/lt
Serving Temperature 16-18 °C
Serving Suggestions

It is incomparable with braised meats or roast game and with very mature, piquant cheeses. Excellent with raw tuna, sushi and with Thai, Vietnamese and Indian cuisine. Try sipping it, too, on its own, outside the context of a meal.

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