BLACKVUE DR750X-2CH (32G)👁‍🗨🚗
全高清1080p @ 60fps前置和全高清1080p @ 30fps前置
4G LTE(外部:CAT.4-CM100LTE)
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BlackVue DR750X-2CH Dash Cam Header Graphic

"The Cloud Dashcam Standard"

Building on the success of the extremely popular DR750S-2CH model (you probably know someone who owns one!), the new DR750X-2CH is the next iteration of this wildly successful dash cam from BlackVue. With discreet style and an amazing set of features, but still in a comfortable price range for most folks, if you're looking for one of the best high-end dual-lens (front + rear coverage) dash cams of 2021, it's hard to beat the brand new DR750X-2CH. Read on!

BlackVue DR750X-2CH Dash Cam Promo Graphic | The Ultimate 1 and 2CH Cloud Dashcams
BlackVue DR750X-1CH for Front-Only Coverage or DR750X-2CH for Front + Rear Coverage

Our favorite features of the new DR750X-2CH dash cam

  • Optional plug-in 4G/LTE module for cloud connectivity! BlackVue now offers the "plug and play" CM100LTE cellular modem (sold separately) to enable cloud access without the use of a separate WiFi hotspot signal.
  • Free BlackVue App and Free Cloud Plan! Pay nothing for basic BlackVue Over-the-Cloud access. Note: cloud access does require LTE modem or separate WiFi hotspot in/near vehicle.
  • Native parking mode with low-voltage protection built-in! No need for a separate Power Magic Pro device, use the direct-wire harness (included) to connect the DR750X-2CH directly to the fuse box for a simplified "hard wire" installation. Or, just use the standard cigarette lighter outlet plug-in power cord (also included) for the easiest possible installation.
  • Sony STARVIS video sensor, at 60FPS (frames per second), for high quality video capture, day or night. Double the detail, and great for those who drive regularly at night.
  • Still Full HD 1080p Sony STARVIS sensor on the rear camera, for optimal image quality during the day and in low-light conditions as well.
  • Audio recording, GPS position/speed logging, dual-band WiFi, voice alerts, LED status indicators, etc etc... all built-in!
BlackVue DR750X-2CH Dash Cam Features Graphic

First Things First: The Basics

The DR750X-2CH is of course still fully functional as a 'typical' dash cam, recording at all times when you drive, whether you choose to utilize the optional LTE / Cloud features or not:

  • When plugged in to your standard power outlet in the vehicle, the system will still power on and off with the vehicle, automatically recording audio, video and GPS speed & location at all times as you drive.
  • For motion detection ("parking mode") recording, the DR750X-2CH can be hardwired directly to the vehicle's electrical system via the included direct-wire cable, a new value-added feature of the BlackVue "X" series. No need for a separate Power Magic Pro! Alternatively, the DR750X-2CH can also be powered by the BlackVue B-124X Battery Pack while the vehicle is parked.
  • All normal driving and parking mode recordings are automatically stored locally on the internal BlackVue memory card (32/64/128/256 GB options available). Once the memory card is completely 'full', only the oldest video file on the card is overwritten as each new video file is created (this is known as loop recording).
  • The memory card can be removed from the 750X and plugged in to your PC or Mac using the included microSD to USB adapter. This is an easy way to do a bulk download or backup of all your videos.
  • The DR750X-2CH does not have a screen on it from which to play back recorded videos from the memory card. Thankfully, the recordings can be accessed via a direct WiFi connection. You can connect to the 750X with your smartphone the same way you would connect to a WiFi network at home or at Starbucks, then use the free BlackVue app to view and download your recordings directly from the camera.
  • Audio recording, on by default, can be disabled temporarily, or turned off completely by default.
  • GPS speed display can be disabled from being visible in your video recordings.
  • Everything you need to use the system is included in the box: front camera with adhesive windshield mount, rear camera with mount, BlackVue memory card, plug-in power cable, video cable between the front and rear cameras, etc.

Enter: BlackVue Over the Cloud

BlackVue DR750X-2CH Cloud Dash Cam Live Remote App Push Notifications
BlackVue DR750X-2CH Dash Cam Example Cloud App 'Event' Push Notifications

With the BlackVue Over-the-Cloud service, accessible by plugging in the optional LTE module, or by pairing the 750X to an existing WiFi hotspot signal in (or near) the vehicle, you're all set to utilize the amazing features that come with having a BlackVue cloud account. Learn more about the BlackVue Over-the-Cloud features and the free and paid account offerings here.

It's important to note that even with an active cloud account, not ALL recordings created by your 750X dash cam are sent up to the Cloud automatically. Not only is it typically unnecessary (for most drivers) to have a Cloud backup of literally every second of normal driving or parking mode videos, but uploading each and every recording to the Cloud via LTE would simply consume too much data to be feasible. For example, a 2 hour drive could easily generate 20 GB+ of video files on the memory card, so you can see how trying to send this much data to the Cloud would quickly burn up tons and tons of data allocation. Even on "unlimited" data plans, you may discover they are not truly unlimited in what you are allowed to do with them (see your carrier/plan for specifics).

With that being said, BlackVue has solved this problem by automatically uploading "important" files to the Cloud for you! During normal driving, or when parked, if an "event" triggers the correct sensor thresholds, that video is going to be backed up to the Cloud immediately, so that you can access the video later. Pretty slick!

BlackVue DR750X-2CH Dash Cam Cloud App Live Remote View Example
BlackVue DR750X-2CH Dash Cam Example Cloud App Live Remote View

New for the "X" Series: Optional LTE Connectivity Module

BlackVue has made it much easier to "get on the cloud", thanks to the new CM100LTE module. This optional "plug and play" add-on device connects to the front camera of the DR750X-2CH and provides a data path up to the internet for your camera. You can still use a built-in WiFi hotspot signal (if already present in your vehicle), but this 4G LTE module is superior due to being able to stay powered on while parked, when most in-vehicle WiFi hotspots turn off with the engine.

The CM100LTE connects via the USB port of your dashcam. Your DR750X-2CH powers the module and automatically accesses the Cloud when the module is plugged in. A valid Nano SIM card is required to utilize the CM100LTE module. More information coming soon.

BlackVue DR750X-2CH Dash Cam Optional CM100LTE Module for Cloud Connectivity
BlackVue DR750X-2CH's Optional CM100LTE Module for Cloud Connectivity

Previous Model Compatibility

Wondering if you can drop in the new DR750X-2CH with your current BlackVue wiring? Please see our upgrade component compatibility list:

  • Power Cable: New 3-conductor design, NOT compatible with previous DR750S/900S/590/590W Series
  • Front-to-Rear Video Cable: Same design, compatible with DR900S/750S Series. NOT compatible with 590/590W Series
  • Front Camera Mount: Same design, compatible with DR750S Series. NOT compatible with 900S/590/590W Series
  • Rear Camera Mount: Same design, compatible with DR750S/900S/590/590W Series

Included in the Box

  • BlackVue DR750X-2CH Front-Facing Camera w/ Windshield Mount
  • BlackVue DR750X-2CH Rear-Facing Camera w/ Windshield Mount
  • Cigarette Lighter Power Outlet Power Cord (15ft/4.5m)
  • Direct-Wire Power Outlet Power Cord (15ft/4.5m)
  • Front to Rear Video Cable Cord (20ft/6m)
  • BlackVue OEM MicroSD Memory Card (choice of 32/64/128/256 GB)
  • USB MicroSD Memory Card Reader/Adapter
  • Adhesive Cable Holders (8)
  • Trim Removal Tool
  • Spare 3M™ Adhesive Pads (1 Front, 1 Rear)
  • Quick Start Manual

A Note on Memory Cards

All BlackVue dashcams include a BlackVue-branded 32, 64, 128 or 256 GB memory card. While the memory cards are removable and the card slots will accept other brands of memory cards, we strongly suggest the use of only BlackVue memory cards in the BlackVue dashcams, as the use of a non-BlackVue memory card may cause performance issues and may void your manufacturer’s warranty.

BlackVue OEM memory cards are industrial-grade VNAND-type microSD cards and are designed and tested to withstand the extreme temperatures, vibrations and the constant read/write cycles of high quality dashcams. Typical consumer-grade memory cards such as those from SanDisk are simply not up to the task. Stick with the OEM BlackVue memory cards to ensure your dashcams are always recording when it matters most.

User Manual

Why Buy from The Dashcam Store? To Name a Few...

Shipping and Availability

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The DR750X-2CH includes FREE priority ground shipping anywhere within the United States. Expedited shipping (2-day, overnight) may be selected during checkout for an additional fee. International shipping is not available on this item, except to Canada or Mexico. A signature may be required on delivery, because unfortunately, package theft is a very real problem when shipping high-value electronics. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

BlackVue DR750X-2CH Dash Cam Example In-Car Photo, Rear View
BlackVue DR750X-2CH Dash Cam Example Photo, Front and Rear Cameras

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