Hiby - HiFi WH3 HD 首款HiFi真無線藍牙耳機🎧
• 有三個分頻點建議,依次突出對應的聲音特性。
• 一圈一鐵 : Knowles動鐵單元、大尺寸複合振膜動圈單元
• 高解析度音訊規格: 支援96kHz、24Bit 音訊規格。
• Qualcomm 5 series藍牙晶片: 內置雙核DSP處理音頻訊號,
• HiBy Blue Apps控制 : *實時顯示產品正在播放的狀態,
  包括采樣率、藍牙格式、設備電量、藍牙信號等* ,
• 藍牙5.0 (AptX/UAT/AAC/SBC)
• 支援 TrueWireless Stereo Plus (TWS+)
• 4路DAC平衡輸出,輸出功率單邊可達125mW
• 適配 iOS & Android,
• Qi 無線充電
出貨方式 自取 / 送貨
價錢 HK$1,198


"The WH3 is the first TWS earphone of the company but offers a pretty impressive sound performance with its bass that is pretty deep and strong, a midrange that sounds musical and lively, and a treble presentation which is smooth and fatigue-free. " Click the full review HERE.


"Especially, the adjustable crossover got my approval. It works great, it is easy to configure and the impact of it on the presentation is actually substantial. Amplitude levels also impressed me as well as the dual DSP in each earbud." Click the full review HERE.

Customize your Wireless Sound

Up to 24hrs playtime, Bluetooth 5.0, intelligent touch control, only 6g per earpiece, perfect for different use scenarios with all-day comfort.

Adjustable digital crossover

Patented technology in 3 crossover modes, symbolizing the innovative guiding philosophy of HiBy.

Dynamic + Balanced Armature drivers

Knowles balanced armature coupled with large diameter polymer diaphragm, bringing a new level of clarity and realism.

High Definition audio specifications

Supports 96kHz and 24bit audio input. Simply pairing HiBy WH3 with your smartphone or player, quality music is within reach.

Deliver a Superior Listening Experience Wherever You Go

True wireless, true HiFi!

In-house Researched Adjustable Digital Crossover

Adjustable crossover frequency makes your ideal sound available at a touch of your screen.

4-way DACs and Amplifiers for Balanced Out

No need for unsightly dip switches on the earphones, simultaneous adjustment of both earpieces. Output power up to 125mW for each earpiece.

Dynamic + Balanced Armature Drivers

Knowles balanced armature coupled with large diameter polymer diaphragm; the gold standard of HiFi driver complement, brought to the digital age via phase-matched digital crossovers!

High-Definition Audio Standards Compliant

Supporting 96kHz and 24bit audio input. True wireless, true HiFi!

Qualcomm 5 series Bluetooth chipset

Built-in dual-core DSP, with powerful processing power enabling HiFi audio enhancement as well as reception improvements.

Ever-evolving HiBy Blue

Evolving from simple control to become a full mastering console for your audio. Adjustment of digital crossover enables customization of audio, more audio functionalities planned for further enhancement.

Bluetooth codec support  with Bluetooth 5.0

Supporting major Bluetooth codecs such as UAT, aptX, AAC and SBC. With Bluetooth 5.0, more music quality! Faster connections! Longer connection distance!

TWS+ supported

Bluetooth signal transmitted to both earpieces at the same time for maximum stability and minimum latency.

Qi Wireless charging

Qi Wireless charging to keep your earpieces topped up anywhere.

The 8th gen CVC

Supports iOS and Android, supports the 8th gen CVC (Clear Voice Capture) technology.


Bluetooth chipset QCC 5121
Driver complement One dynamic and one balanced armature driver, total two drivers per earpiece
Bluetooth standard Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth codec UAT/aptX/SBC/AAC
Bluetooth coverage distance 10m
Operation Touch, indicator light and voice feedback, HiBy Blue app control
Status indicators Blue and red lights
Microphone Included
Battery capacity WH3=45 mAh, Battery case=400 mAh
Battery life 5-hour playtime after fully charged. With Battery case up to 24-hour playtime.
Weight 6g per earpiece, 63g including battery case

Earphone status indications

State Indication
Charging Red light lit
Charged Red light turns off
Battery lower than 20% Red light blinks slowly
Pairing (left ear to right) Blue light blinks quickly
Pairing (to other devices) Light flashes blue-red-blue-red continuously
OTA updating Light flashes red and blue thrice

Voice indications

Status Voice indication
Power on Rising triple tone
Power off Falling triple tone
Pairing “Pairing”
Pairing successful “Pairing successful”
Pairing failed “Pairing fail”
Connected “Connected”
Disconnected “Disconnected”
Low battery Falling triple tone
Battery exhaustion power off Falling triple tone


Characteristics of the 3 crossover modes BA-dominant: vocal oriented
Dynamic-BA hybrid: rich tonality of instruments and harmonics
Dynamic-dominant: impactful drums and instruments, well-layered and textured low frequencies 
UAT codec UAT codec to be used with HiByOS based audio player hardware in the future; support for use with HiByMusic app on regular smartphones in the future.
User-defined touch controls Defaults to play / pause. Other settable options in via HiBy Blue: no action; previous track; next track.
Battery life test conditions Play time is tested in regular room temperatures while playing via SBC codec continusly. May vary in actual use because of different temperatures, Bluetooth codec, play / pause / standby, etc.
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