ebelt 升級版!男女適用 頭層油蠟牛皮散銀包 / 鎖匙包 Cow Waxed Leather Coins Bag / Key Pouch - WM0017E

Wax Cow Leather 頭層油蠟牛皮

This coins bag is made from genuine full grain cow leather. The leather is specially treated with performance wax. The surface texture is naturally shaded. The leather will become darkened after absorbing human grease from daily use. Coins bag with durable pig skin lining is our upgraded version. 

我們採用頭層油蠟牛皮製作此款散銀包。 牛皮經過油蠟處理,皮面程現自然陰陽色,使用一段時間後,吸收了人體的油脂,皮面會變成更深色及更光滑。 配以升級了的豬皮內裡,更加高貴耐用。

出貨方式 送貨
定價 HK$189
價錢 HK$170

Product Specification 產品資料

  • Length 長 : 11cm (+/- 0.2cm)
  • Height 高 : 6.8cm (+/- 0.2cm)
  • Number card slot 卡位 : 0
  • Number of Photo slot: 相位 : 0
  • Number of Notes compartment 紙幣位: 0
  • Number of Coins compartment 散銀位: 2

Care Instruction 使用說明

  1. Free Hong Kong local shipping for purchase up to HK$100.  
  2. We guarantee our product quality. If customer finds our products with quality issue, simply contact us to replace anytime! 
  3. For belts item, if you find you order the wrong size or after you fit up at home and find the size not right, simply contact us to replace a correct size anytime.
  4. All replacement should be done within 7 days upon items received. Please keep all the hantags and / or packaging and return to us together.
  5. Return should be made by SF Express for Hong Kong. Customers are required to send the items to any SF Express service point. All the return should be confirmed by us before sending out to SF Express. This is to make sure we are able to trace your return. 
  6. Please note customized items (e.g. Added holes on belts, engraved name, corrected length for belts etc) are not returnable.
  7. Customers should read the product care instruction on each merchandise before use. As a friendly reminder, all leather products will fade off its color to light color clothing. Customers are needed to avoid using our leather products with light color clothing. 
  8. We guarantee our product quality and responsible for any replacement due to product quality issue. If it is a normal wear off on leather surface due to a certain time of usage, we cannot provide the replacement service.
  9. If you need special instruction on the order, please inform us by email or WhatsApp messeage us. If the requirement is to add holes on belt or engrave name on any items, please note that there will be no refund nor replacement can be provided.
  10. All leather items will appear a certain level of marks and scars on the surface. This is the nature of real leather. 
  11. Color variation will appear on same lot of products and even on the single item. This is due to natural leather tissue density differences.