Bebird 第二代智能可視採耳棒 A2
  • 體積比舊款更細
  • 500萬像素鏡頭
  • 可拍片及錄像
  • 自動開關
  • 自動UV燈殺菌消毒
  • 附送收納盒,美觀整齊
  • 15件小配件應用不同用途
  • 使用用途廣泛
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定價 HK$599
價錢 HK$399


  • Bebird A2:Package Contents List 
  • A2 x 1
  • Multifunctional storage box x 1
  • 350mAh lithium built-in battery x 1
  • Type-C charging cable x 1
  • 19 accessories gift package x 1


  • Not Only Safety , But Also Get More Fun And Smart!
  • Global First PC and Silica Gel Synthetic Ear Scoops: Medical Bio-gradeSoft Material Protects the Ear Canal
  • Protective Plug: Adjustable to Meet the Depth of Different Ear Canals
  • Disinfection lamp: Cleaningthe Ear-Pick Automatically
  • 3.5 mm Diameter Ultra-thin endoscope: thinner than 3.9mm diameter, safetyto meet different people.
  • Long Battery Life: 350mAh lithium battery, one hour of charging provides enough battery power to last 60days of regular daily use.
  • 1080p HD Camera Technology with 0.5in Focusing Distance, free enjoy the microscopic views in our ears.
  • Not only for ear canal, but also the eardrum, the mouth, the gum, the throat, the nasal cavity, the hair roots of the scalp and the rest of the body that need inspection.

Bebird Camera Otoscope
1080p HD Camera Otoscope

  • Easy To Connect Our Devices
  • Inner WiFi Chip can Ensure the Stable Auto Connection and Video Transmission Speed. With a transmission distance of up to 10 meters/32.8 ft and a smooth transmission.
  • You can use the device without Internet. Compatible with all Smartphone, Tablet, whether Android or IOS, you can use it easily and anywhere.
  • Bebird A2 Is The Safest Way To Protect Your Family’s Ears!
  • All 21 earwax removal kits are included and can support you and All Your Family Member's Ear Care Demands. The kits are reusable and easy to be cleaned and disinfected.
  • The user-friendly design will help you remove earwax easily. It can help you relieve stress, increase sleep, protect your ears and protect your health.
  • Package List:
  • 1 x Otoscope
  • 5 x Ear Pick
  • 5 x Cotton Bud
  • 3 x Fluff Stick
  • 5 x Alcohol Swab
  • 1 x Ear Canal Protection Plug
  • 1 x USB Data Cable
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Storage Box

21 earwax removal kits
Auto Cold Light Balance

  • Auto Cold Light Balance
  • 5 LED Lights (5 LED lights are working when you turn on the Bebird A2) and 1UV Light (1 Disinfection lamp is working after you turn off Bebird A2) with auto cold light balance help you get cool and real-view to illuminate the ear canal, specially designed for the dark environment of the ear canal, the protection ring is used to protect the baby's ears.
  • 0.5in Automatic Focusing Distance 
  • Dual Temperture Controlling System
  • Temperture Controll : Closing to the human body's temperature, care you and your family's ears.
  • Faset WiFi Chip : Inner WiFi Chip can Ensure the Stable Auto Connection and Video Transmission Speed.
  • 4 Axis Gyroscope: Free enjoying the microscopic views in your ears
  • 3.5mm Ultra Thin Camera Lens.

Dual temperture Controlling System
4 Axis Groscope

4 Axis Groscope
Smart Directional Gyroscope,Equipped with 4-Axis gyroscope,Bebird A2 provides smooth image delivery to make it easier for operation.

Long Battery Life
350mAh lithium battery, one hour of charging provides enough battery power to last 60 days of regular daily use.

Long Battery Life
Connect Fasest & Easy to Use

Connect Fastest & Easy To Use
The wireless otoscope features an extreme speed OV WiFi Chip that eliminates lag.

Bebird A2 Wireless Otoscope Video
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