GHXAMP New Neodymium 3 Inch full range speaker 4ohm 25W HIFI Computer laptop Speakers Anodized Aluminum 2pcs
品牌名稱: GHXAMP通訊: 藍牙,音頻線電池: 不音箱類型: 電腦音箱電源: 直流電揚聲器箱數量: 2個認證: 沒有任何內閣材料: 金屬音頻交叉: 全系列頻道: 2 (2.0)產地: 中國大陸輸入功率(W) : 25-49 瓦智能個人助理: 沒有任何輸出功率: 其他遙控器: 不支持記憶卡: 不回放功能: DVD,收音機,CD,mp3,其他顯示屏: 不語音控制: 不材料: 金屬支持 Apt-x : 不無線網絡音樂: 其他顯示屏: 不防水: 不內置麥克風: 不PMPO : 其他支持應用程序: 不特點: 沒有任何型號: 3寸全頻喇叭頻率範圍: 其他類別: 3寸全頻喇叭額定阻抗: 4歐姆額定功率: 25W頻響範圍: 81Hz-20KHz靈敏度: 87+-3分貝錐體材質: 陽極氧化鋁磁路: 釹鐵硼磁特點: 高保真功能: 抗疲勞化纖彈波使用: 適用於電腦、筆記本音箱
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價錢 HK$416



1.Powerful, low-frequency: NdFeB magnetism, which brings greater power support to the speaker, to ensure that the output when the dynamic bass is not distorted, low volume and intensity is very good, but also to ensure that the speaker's high sensitivity.
2.Broad range and delicate vocal sound: Anodized alumina's cones and dust caps (also known as ceramic basins) are lighter and thinner than paper cones, yet they are more flexible, have lower distortion, and have a very high resolution. The details are clear. After testing, the resonant frequency can reach 81HZ.
3.Powerful, open sound field: 25-core voice coil magnet furnace design, without distortion. Working power up to 25W.Most 3-inch loudspeakers on the market today are 20-cells with low power and sound pressure. The speaker's voice coil has vent holes.At the same time using short-circuit copper ring design than T iron, the sound is clean and smooth.
4.The magnetic horn is small, and it is a good choice to refit two corners of the windshield or A-pillar.
Category: 3 inch full range speakers
Cone material: anodized aluminum
Use:for computer speaker upgrade tool
Feature:Fatigue resistant chemical fiber elastic wave
Voice coil:Convective thermal coil
Rated impedance: 4ohm(if you need 8ohm,please leave me a message ) 
Power Range:25W
Frequency response range: 81Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity: 87+-3db
Diameter: 78mm
Opening diameter: 72mm
Diagonal screw distance: 83mm
Package weight:420g/pc


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