EWA A103 藍牙音箱低音金屬材質音箱便攜式無線立體聲小音箱適用於 PC 手機
品牌名稱: 喇叭標準通訊: 藍牙顯示屏: 不電池: 是的音箱類型: 便攜的電源: 直流電,電池揚聲器箱數量: 1個內閣材料: 金屬音頻交叉: 雙向內置麥克風: 是的頻道: 2 (2.0)特點: 沒有任何智能個人助理: 沒有任何輸出功率: 3W遙控器: 不支持記憶卡: 不回放功能: 音樂播放器語音控制: 不材料: 金屬支持 Apt-x : 不無線網絡音樂: 不顯示屏: 不防水: 不PMPO : 3W支持應用程序: 不型號: EWA A103頻率範圍: 其他
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價錢 HK$263
Speaker features:
1, excellent quality, metal body, with independent intellectual property rights and brand.
2, it has better sound quality and bass function.
3, the battery is durable, fast charging time.
4, strong compatibility, compatible with all types of mobile phones, tablet PCs, desktop computers.
5, Bluetooth connection is quick and the connection distance is far.
6, easy to carry, stylish appearance.
1,Audio A103 will shut down automatically without any operates in 5 minutes.
2,Audio A103should turm into bluetooth pairing mode seach and pair with previous devices automatically.
3,Next/Prev.button is not available under Aux-in mode.
4,do not use the speaker with water around it.
5,Please clean the speaker only use dry towels.
6,Do not put the speaker close to open-flames such as lighted candles.
7,It is a duty to protect the environment while you are considering drop the speaker ,especially the battery inside.
8,The speaker could only use in mild climate conditions,speaker does not contain any component which could be fixed by users.
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