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品牌名稱: 發聲鏈接內閣材料: 塑料音頻交叉: 雙向防水: 不通訊: 輔助音箱類型: 便攜的頻道: 1個支持應用程序: 不電池: 不產地: 中國大陸語音控制: 不電源: 直流、交流揚聲器箱數量: 1個輸入功率(W) : 25-49 瓦智能個人助理: 沒有任何支持 Apt-x : 不特點: 沒有任何回放功能: 沒有任何顯示屏: 不認證: CE、FCCPMPO : 25W阻抗: 8歐姆輸出功率: 10W遙控器: 不支持記憶卡: 不材料: 金屬顯示屏: 不內置麥克風: 不頻率範圍: 60Hz-23KHz特色: 小型的接口類型: 沒有任何音箱類型: 小型的無線類型: 沒有任何通訊: 有線智能個人助理: 沒有任何
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價錢 HK$296
Small tactile transducer or mini bass shaker that is intended to be used in Home Theater, Gaming, and Auto Sound applications.
Quality construction
Economically priced
Many applications
Feel the bass! Just input the bass signal, the speaker vibrations at the same frequency of the bass music. Feel the bass when you listen the music
Mini Bass Shaker
• Power handling: 10watts RMS/30 watts max
• Impedance: 8ohms
• Usable frequency response: 20 to 80 Hz
• Fs: 40 Hz
• Force peak: 30 lbs. per ft total when used in 4 PUCK
Dimensions: Dia 3.37" dia. x 1" H 
Cutout Dimension: 70 mm with 25 mm slot for wire pass through
Weight: 0.75 lbs.  
If you need to see the video or how to set up the bass shaker, Please send me a message, We will send you the video which you can watch online.
The small tactile transducer otherwise known as a mini bass shaker that is intended to be used in Home Theater, Gaming, and Auto Sound applications. This mini bass shaker has the unique ability to transfer low frequency sound waves directly to the listener by mounting the PUCK™ to surface areas that a listener's body will come into contact with. Because the listener "feels" the low frequency, the volume of the overall sound can be kept to a minimum without sacrificing the audio quality.
The PUCK™ measures a mere 3-1/2" diameter and 1" depth, nearly identical in size to an ice hockey puck. The small depth and diameter of the PUCK™ mini bass shaker make it uniquely suited for tight spaces and unobtrusive applications. 4 layer Voice Coil with 1" aluminum former. Requires 6 #6 wood or sheet metal screws for surface mounting. Four PUCK™ transducers can be wired for Stereo 8 Ohm Right/Left 2 channel wiring or as a 4 Ohm 1 channel system.

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