Boei 迷你便攜電腦廣泛兼容音箱金屬磨砂設計重低音炮HIFI音樂無線藍牙音箱
品牌名稱: 京東方內閣材料: PVC音頻交叉: 全系列防水: 不通訊: AUX、USB、藍牙音箱類型: 便攜的頻道: 1個支持應用程序: 是的電池: 是的使用: 其他產地: 中國大陸語音控制: 不電源: USB揚聲器箱數量: 1個輸入功率(W) : <25 瓦智能個人助理: 沒有任何高音材料: 金屬隔音罩: 被動散熱器編解碼器: 有聲學協會支持 Apt-x : 不控制: 音量控制藍牙版本: 4.1總諧波失真: 1%靈敏度: 75分貝低音揚聲器/寬頻材料: 其他回放功能: 音樂播放器顯示屏: 不低音炮箱體材質: 金屬認證: CE、FCC、RoHSPMPO : 3W阻抗: 4歐姆高音喇叭類型: 喇叭輸出功率: 3W主動降噪: 被動的遙控器: 不支持記憶卡: 是的材料: 金屬顯示屏: 不中檔材料: 金屬內置麥克風: 不頻率範圍: 100Hz-20KHz藍牙距離: 約10m適用於: 廣泛兼容顏色: 黑色,金色,粉色Warranty: 12 MonthsFunction 1: DustproofFunction 2: FM radioFunction 3: MicrophoneFunction 4: TF card musicFunction 5: USB fast chargingBbattery capacity: 500 mAhExpandable storage: 32GBSize: 48*71*71mmapply to: Car, Desktop, FitnessVoltage: 5VPlay time: 5 hoursCharging time: 2 hoursSKU: B4G1
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價錢 HK$245

➡️Portable bluetooth wireless speaker

● Fashion design
The bluetooth speaker has a stylish and gorgeous appearance, pure sound quality, and a multi-functional integrated design. So that you can enjoy excellent sound effects in home use, outdoor travel, business work, and provide you with super value and perfect sound quality, listen to music, and feel happy.

● Quality and technology
The highest quality of the materials used, combined with the latest technology, guarantee a great and natural sound with clean low tones.

● Enjoy a live sound experience
Strong rhythm, joyful ocean, listening to music in a different way, creating a carnival atmosphere.

➡️ Simple and easy to open Bluetooth to enjoy

1. Turn on the speaker
2. Turn on Bluetooth to search for A2
3. Click A2 to automatically pair

➡️ Large size metal diaphragm

● The innovative large metal diaphragm, rejecting the traditional plastic diaphragm, adopts high-quality metal diaphragm, the low frequency is surging, and the human voice is clean and clear.

➡️ HIFI sound quality

● Full-frequency speakers, no broken sound, no hiss, natural balanced bass output, enjoy the surging charm.

● Adjusted by acoustic experts, the bass is more explosive, the full frequency band is high fidelity, and the delicate layering of the song is clearly restored, and the charming sound quality only belongs to you.

➡️ Light show

● When no audio source is connected, the indicator light will keep flashing. When the audio source is connected, the light will turn on.

● Click the top light button, colorful light up, passionate music and cool lighting effects make life more pleasant.

➡️ No need to link, plug in the card to listen

● Support up to 32GB memory card plug and play, you can freely switch songs to play.No need to connect to a mobile phone, plug and listen.

➡️ AUX audio connection

● Taking into account the traditional audio connection method to access audio, it can also support more devices without Bluetooth.

● When the speaker needs to be charged, the charging cable can be connected to the USB port of the computer or the charging head of the mobile phone, and the speaker can be charged immediately.

➡️ Enjoy music without power, long-lasting battery life

● The battery has its own double protection circuit, which is longer lasting, stronger and longer life-span large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, which can last for a long time.

● Built-in 500mAh capacity lithium battery, low-power circuit design, only 2 hours of charging, 5 hours of continuous use, long-lasting battery life, easily meet the needs of indoor dining and music atmosphere.

● Simple appearance, soft and delicate feel, can be easily integrated into various environments such as home desktop.

➡️ Support multiple playback modes

● Supports 4 playback modes of Bluetooth playback, card insertion/U disk insertion, audio cable playback and radio, to meet the needs of various scenarios, and to enjoy wonderful music anytime, anywhere.

● Built-in FM radio function, pop music, news, weather funny jokes are all available, listen to your favorite radio stations anytime, anywhere, so that life is not monotonous.

● Plug in the AUX audio cable and use it as a radio antenna.

➡️ Built-in miniature HD microphone

● Realize high-definition Bluetooth hands-free calling. The Bluetooth speaker has a built-in microphone, and the music is automatically paused when an incoming call occurs. Just press the play button, and you can talk freely against the Bluetooth speaker.

➡️ Smart matching mobile phone tablet

● Adopts the Bluetooth smart matching system, the signal is wider and more stable, whether you are a mobile phone, tablet or computer, as long as the device supports Bluetooth technology, we can use it.

● Mobile phones (IPHONE, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, LG, etc.)
● Personal computer
● Laptop
● TV
● Other Bluetooth devices

➡️ One-key hands-free call, free your hands

● The speaker has a built-in high-definition noise-reduction microphone, and the call is clear and not stuck. Support one-click answering and hanging up... Free your hands and enjoy the wonderful music with peace of mind.

● The mini size fits easily into a pocket or backpack.

● Although the volume is small, the bass is outstanding, and the passive amplitude amplifier component increases the depth of low volume, which is rarely the design of mini Bluetooth.

➡️ Product parameters:

● Voltage: 5V
● Talk time: <4 hours
● Current: 1A
● Charging time: <2 hours Channel: Single
● Signal range: <10m
● Battery: single-cell lithium battery
● Function: Bluetooth music playback, TF card music playback, AUX wired playback, Bluetooth call
● Applicable products: mobile phones, computers and other audio source equipment with 3. 5MM audio port and Bluetooth.

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