20W TV SoundBar Bluetooth Speaker 16-inch 2.0 CH Wired & Wireless Sound Bar Home Audio System for PC Theater TV Speaker
品牌名稱: 玩玩內閣材料: 塑料音頻交叉: 全系列防水: 是的通訊: AUX、USB、HDMI 兼容音箱類型: 條形音箱頻道: 2 (2.0)支持應用程序: 不電池: 不類別: 音箱使用: 家產地: 中國大陸聲音模式: 3EQ 模式語音控制: 不電源: USB揚聲器箱數量: 2個輸入功率(W) : 100-199 瓦輸入/輸出: HDMI智能個人助理: 沒有任何藍牙版本: 5.0靈敏度: 100分貝特點: 沒有任何PMPO : 60W輸出功率: 60W遙控器: 是的支持記憶卡: 不顯示屏: 不內置麥克風: 不峰值功率: 60W特色一: 電視條形音箱特徵2 : 藍牙揚聲器特徵 3 : 2.0 聲道特徵 4 : 有線和無線條形音箱
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價錢 HK$505

Because of logistics and transportation restrictions, we are now unable to put remote control batteries in the package, so customers are asked to purchase their own batteries. As an apology, please contact our customer service staff if you did not receive the batteries, and we will compensate you accordingly.

2.0CH Bluetooth Soundbar Bluetooth 5.0 version


Peak Power: 60W

Source: Bluetooth/3.5mm Aux in/Optical/HDMI ARC/USB/TF playback

Buttons: Power, source, vol+,vol-

EQ: Music, Moive, News, Game

Indicator Light:LED light for indication

Power Supply:DC adapter 12V/1.5A

Product Size: L400*W60*H60mm

Product Weight: 1.2kg/2.6pounds

What's In Box?

1. 1 x Sound Bar

2. 1 x Power Adapter

3. 1 x Stero RAC to 3.5mm Audio Cable

4. 1 x Remote Controller

5. 1 x Audio Cable

6. 1 x User ManualTechnical Question & Answer (Warming Tips)

Q1: What if no sound in SPDIF/HDMI-ARC(wired connection) mode?

A1: Just follow these steps:

1. When you connect TV via Optical/HDMI, please set the TV audio output to Optical/HDMI firstly, and then connect with sound bar.

2. TV connection ways: Optical, HDMI, Bluetooth. And very few TVs can connect to AUX port, but X-box can connect with AUX port. And AUX port on some TVs only support input but not output.

3. Because of digital audio, Optical connection has lower sound, so we recommend to use HDMI(ARC) connection for high sound requirements.

4.After connecting the sound bar, please set the mode of the sound bar to the same mode as the TV output. Avoid problems resulting in the inability to produce sound.

Q2: If I feel like the volume is not loud enough, how can I do?

A2: Please check the following aspects:

1. If the speaker is not loud enough, please try to turn the volume up on the soundbar, TV/Smartphones, as well as the Fire Stick/Roku Stick to increase the volume.

2. If there is any messy sound, please click EQ button on remote to recover.

3. The maximum decibel can reach about 80.

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