Baseus USB HUB 4 in 1 USB C HUB USB Type C to Multi USB 3.0 Adapter for MacBook Pro Air Huawei Mate 30 USB-C 3.0 Splitter
品牌名稱: 倍思接口類型: USB C型港口: 4個功能: 沒有任何標準: USB 3.0產地: 中國大陸包裝: 是的插頭標準: 沒有任何長度: 15cm型號: 倍思 USB C HUB USB HUB 帶LED指示燈認證: CE、FCC、RoHS特徵 1 : USB-C 至C 型版本: USB HUB,USB C HUB,USB-C HUB,Type C HUBUSB 版本: 適用於 MacBook/MacBook Pro/MacBook Air特點 3 : 適用於華為 P40/Mate 40/P30/Mate 20/P20/Mate10特點 4 : 適用於三星 Galaxy S20/Note 20/S10/S9/S8特點 5 : 適用於一加 8/8 Pro/8T Pro特徵 6 : 適用於 Surface 3/Book 2/Go/Pro 7
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價錢 HK$214


There are 12 styles USB HUB.Please check it clearly before purchasing!

-Different ①: USB Plug & USB C Plug

-Different ②: 25cm&1m&2m Cable Length

-Different ③: Black&White Color

Baseus Lite Series 4-Port USB-A HUB Adapter

#Expand for Higher Efficiency#

4 USB 3.0 port
Ultra-fast transmission speed
Plug and play
Smooth with no delay

Winner of Several International Design Awards in 2022

Quad-port Simultaneous Output to Speed up Your Work Efficiency

Support simultaneous expansion for 4 devices, good for flash drives, hard drives, mouses, keyboards, etc.

Maximum 5Gbps Transmission Speed, Fast and Stable

Up to 5Gbps transmission speed with USB3.0 port, files and picture transferred in seconds.

Perfect for Hard Drives

Type-C port for stable and smooth operation, even with a 4TB hard drive.

Connect Your Computer to Printer

Support high power devices like printers for more efficient work.

Smooth Connections for Peripherals

Good for video gaming.

Plug and Play

Plug and play for multiple operating systems, like Windows, Apple OS, Linux and Vista.

Smooth & No Latency

Powerful chip for more stable signal and smoother operation.

OTG Function Unlock the New Function of Phones

*Phones/tablets must support OTG.

Connect Phones/Tablets to a Large Screen
Watch HD films anytime.

Connect Phones to USB Flash Drives/Hard Disks

Transfer files easily even without cellular data.

ABS Material

ABS materials for the casing, fingerprint-proof and scratch-resistant for longer durability.

Colorfast Heat-resistant Wear-proof

Mini and Compact, Easy to Carry Around

Perfect for mobile office and business trips.

Unique Indicator Light

A ring of white lights up when operating.

Expand for More Efficient Work


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