7 10 Ports USB 3.0 Hub Multiple Splitter 12V Power Adapter with On off Switch USB Splitter High Speed Hub for MacBook Laptop PC
品牌名稱: 愛美科技接口類型: USB 3.0港口: 10功能: 沒有任何標準: USB 3.0產地: 中國大陸包裝: 是的插頭標準: 歐洲聯盟長度: 15cm型號: ASA10 USB 3.0認證: CE、FCC、RoHS、UL插頭標準: 歐盟/美國/英國/澳大利亞/韓國/巴西特徵 1 : USB 集線器 3.0/集線器 3.0 USB/3.0 USB 集線器特徵 2 : USB 集線器/USB C 集線器/集線器 USB C特點 3 : 適用於 macbook 配件/pc 配件/筆記本電腦配件/配件特點 4 : 鋁製機身+獨立開關+LED指示燈特點 5 : USB 3.0分離器特徵 6 : 10口12V 5A電源適配器特點 7 : USB集線器電源特點 8 : USB配件特徵 9 : USB分配器特徵 10 : 支持大功率設備
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Name :10-Ports USB3.0 HUB

Material : Aluminum Alloy

Input Voltage : AC 110V~240V 50HZ-60HZ

Power input : DC 12V5A 60W

Transfer Speed :5Gbps

USB3.0-Ports :10 Ports

Swith and LED Light :10

Power Cord : 1.5M

USB3.0 Data cable Length :85CM

Product size : 156*54*20mm

Product weight : 135g

Plug :EU/US/UK/AU/Korean/Brazil


Packing list :

Power Cord + 12V5A Power Supply + USB3.0 Data Cable + 10 Ports USB3.0 HUB + USB-A to USB-C USB3.0 Adapter




Name :7-Ports USB3.0 HUB

Material : Aluminum Alloy

Input Voltage : AC 110V~240V 50HZ-60HZ

Power input : DC 12V3A 36W

Transfer Speed :5Gbps

USB3.0-Ports :7 Ports

Swith and LED Light :7

Power Cord : 1.5M

USB3.0 Data cable Length :85CM

Product size : 119*53*19mm

Product weight : 98g



Name :4-Ports USB3.0 HUB
Material : Aluminum Alloy
Input Voltage : AC 110V~240V 50HZ-60HZ
Power input : DC 12V3A 36W
Transfer Speed :5Gbps
USB3.0-Ports :4 Ports
Swith and LED Light :7
Power Cord : 1.5M
USB3.0 Data cable Length :85CM

Packing list :

Power Cord + 12V3A Power Supply + USB3.0 Data Cable + 7 Ports USB3.0 HUB + USB-A to USB-C USB3.0 Adapter


【10 Ports USB 3.0 Hub for Charging and Data Transfer】USB 3.0 hub with 60W(12V/5A) power adapter is comparable to the traditional USB 3.0 charger. During data transfer, the hub can also charge your USB device (Ordinary Charging Speed). The USB splitter also expands the computer's single USB 3.0 port to 10 USB ports, allowing you to connect multiple USB devices at the same time. Each USB port have the separate switch and is controlled independently.


【5Gbps Speed + 60W (12V/5A) Power Adapter】ASOMETECH powered USB hub supports data transfer speed up to 5Gbps and 10X faster than USB 2.0 ports. USB Hub 3.0 is active with a separate 60W (12V/5A) power supply with which multiple USB devices can be operated at the same time. Especially for power-hungry USB devices such as large-capacity external hard drives, please use the power adapter to ensure stable data transfer.


【Aluminum Body + Independent Switch + LED Indicator Light】The USB hub with power adapter is made of metal. Unlike ordinary plastic, it has a high gloss design on the edges that is both strong, durable and beautiful. 10 ports USB 3.0 Splitter have the separate switch and blue LED indicator light. And the blue LED indicator light flickers when data is being transmitted. When power is restored, the ports retain the previously set status.


【Wide Compatibility & Plug and Play】USB 3.0 Hub Active with Power Adapter is compatible with Windows/XP/Mac OS/Linux desktop or laptop computer and backward compatible with 2.0/1.1/1.0. Suitable for all kinds of mobile hard disk, keyboard, mouse, PS4/Xbox game console, printer, USB fan, USB lighting, etc. No driver required, fully plug and play, and supports hot-swappable. And the power adapter has a surge device to protect your USB device.


Note :We are equipped with a USB-A To USB-C adapter, which supports Type-C port data transmission, suitable for different devices

10-Port USB3.0 HUB With 10 Switch and LED Light

Charge and Transfer Data at the same time

5Gbps High-Speed transmission



12V/5A 60W Hight Power Adapter

Stably support simultaneous use of 10 devices



10 Ports - USB3.0 fast transfer

The transmission rate is 5Gbps,which reduces the data interactiontime and improves work efficiency



Wide Compatibility

For Printer,Camera,Headest,Game Machines,Phones,USB Disk,Keyboard,Mouse,Wifi Receiver and More Devices



Independent Switch

Each USB port has an independent switch control, which can be opened or closed at will to get rid of the number of times of plugging devices


USB3.0 Stable Transmission

Even if multiple devices are connected,stable transmission can be maintained



High-power Power Adapter

Equipped with high-power power adapter up to 12V/5A Can carry multiple devices at teh same time Provide sufficient power guarantee for data reading and writing and peripheral expansion



ABS + Aluminum material

The heat dissipation function is better than USB HUB of ordinary plastic case



Control & Flash in Group

Flash multiple cellphones more quickly and stably via the hub with the corresponding software



10-Ports + 10-Switch+ 10 LED Light

USB 3.0 HUB Product Display



Powerful storage function, make your desktop more concise, the product size is small, easy to carry


Product Parameters


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