C 型集線器 USB C 至 HDMI 兼容 4k 多端口 USB3.0 分離器適配器 VGA RJ45 SDTF 讀卡器集線器適用於 MacBook IPad Pro 2020
品牌名稱: 回复接口類型: USB C型港口: 11功能: HDMI兼容/RJ45標準: USB 3.0產地: 中國大陸包裝: 不認證: 沒有任何型號 1 : C型碼頭模型 2 : USB C集線器模型 3 : 多端口適配器模型 4 : HDMI 兼容 VGA RJ45 集線器模型 5 : SD/TF 卡讀卡器集線器應用: 適用於 MacBook iPad Pro 2020
出貨方式 送貨
價錢 HK$211
Type C Dock USB C Hub 3.0 Splitter Multiport Adapter 4K HDMI-Compatible VGA RJ45 SD/TF Card Reader Hub for MacBook IPad Pro 2020

【MASSIVE EXPANSION】: 11-in-1 USB-C Hub instantly adds 1x 3.5mm Audio Jack, 1x RJ45 Ethernet port, 1x USB 3.0+3x USB 2.0 ports, 1x TF Card slot, 1x SD Card slot, 1x HDMI-Compatible port, 1x VGA port and 1 USB Type-C interface to your laptop with its convenient Plug-and-Play technology requiring no driver or software installations to work. (the connecting cable is 166mm. If the connecting cable is not long enough, please buy a type-C extension cable).

【CRYSTAL CLEAR HDMI-Compatible OUTPUT】: Start streaming the highest resolution videos and shows via the 4K HDMI-Compatible port to HDMI-Compatible enabled devices with resolutions up to 4K/30Hz and 1920 x 1080 (1080p)/60 Hz. Downward compatibility is supported with 1440p/1080p/720p/480p/360p resolutions. You can mirror/extend your screen to any external device and enjoy crisp, clear and colorful imagery.

【SUPER SPEED CHARGING】: PD2.0 USB-C Power Delivery Port for Charging Laptops and Devices and Powering Connected Devices. Transmit your data and charge your devices both at the same time. Auto Adaptive Voltage between 14.5V/20V. (Does NOT work on Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 Devices such as HP, Asus Zenbook3, Asus Transformer 3 Pro, Samsung TabPro S).Up to 87W.

【RELIABLE DATA TRANSFER】: 11-in-1 Aluminum USB-C Hub allows you to seamlessly transfer your data whether it be photos, videos, music and other files through its memory card and thumb drive slots. Connect to your external storage, keyboard, mouse, headset, optical drive, and more. Backwards compatible with previous USB generations e.g. USB 2.0/1.x devices.

【RJ45 100M Ethernet Port & 4K HDMI-Compatible Video】Supports 100Mbps RJ45 Ethernet port, backwards compatible with 10Mbps RJ45 LAN. (important: not support 100Mbps)

【COMPACT&CONVENIENT DESIGN】: Strong premium aluminum enclosure and high-strength cable provides additional durability. The USB-C Hub's slim and compact design allows for convenient storage for on-the-go use or when travelling. The sleek, slim and stylish profile complements your laptop and takes up limited space on your desk. We stand behind our products so if anything does not seem right.

NOTE: the connecting cable is 166mm. If the connecting cable is not long enough, please buy a type-C extension cable

IMPORTANT NOTE:There are 12 models optional, different model with different interface and appearance, please choose suitable model before purchase:


About compatibility:

The following models have been tested on real machines and have been confirmed to be compatible and available. We are testing more models. If you purchased a model other than the one shown below, you can communicate with us about your model first, and we will tell you whether it can be used.

Common questions and answers:

1. Please make sure that the Type-C interface on your computer is fully functional. If it is not, it may cause some ports on the docking station to be unusable. (Some old computer graphics cards are connected to the HDMI-Compatible interface that comes with the computer, so after connecting the docking station, the HDMI-Compatible and VGA interfaces on the docking station cannot be used normally)

2. The docking station is used to expand the number of ports on your computer, not for multi-screen sharing. If your computer already has HDMI-Compatible or VGA ports, then you no longer need these two ports on the docking station. It is recommended that you buy a suitable docking station.

3. If the product cannot be used normally, please turn the type c male head upside down and plug it in several times. The new equipment will take some time to adapt to your computer.



There are 11 models optional, different model with different interface and appearance, please choose suitable model before purchase:

(1)4 in 1:HDMI-Compatible + USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*1 + PD

(2) 4-in-1 Type C Hub: USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*3

(3)4-in-1 USB hub: USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*3

(4) 5-in-1 A : HDMI-Compatible + USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*1 + PD Charge + RJ45

(5) 5-in-1 B : HDMI-Compatible + USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*2 + PD

(6) 7-in-1 A: HDMI-Compatible+ USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*1 + PD Charge +SD+TF+USB C DATA

(7) 7-in-1 B : HDMI-Compatible + USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*2 + PD Charge +TF+SD

(8) 8-in-1 A: HDMI-Compatible + USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*1 + PD Charge +TF+SD+RJ45+ PD Data Transmiton

(9) 8-in-1 B: HDMI-Compatible+ VGA + USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*1 + PD Charge +TF+SD + AUX

(10) 11-in-1 A : HDMI-Compatible+ USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*3 + PD Charge +TF+SD+RJ45+ VGA + AUX

(11) 11-in-1 B : HDMI-Compatible+ USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*3 + PD Charge +TF+SD+RJ45+ VGA + AUX


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