Baseus USB C HUB Type C HUB to HDMI-compatible USB 3.0 PD Port  Mobile Phone USB-C USB HUB Adapter For MacBook Pro For iPad Pro
品牌名稱: 倍思接口類型: USB C型港口: 6個功能: 讀者標準: USB 3.0產地: 中國大陸包裝: 是的插頭標準: 沒有任何型號: 倍思 PadJoy Type-C HUB 適配器認證: CE認證材料: 鋁合金+鋅合金顏色: 深灰色輸入(雙): C型輸出 1 : USB3.0*2+4K高清*1+PD*1+3.5mm*1+TF輸出 2 : USB 3.0*1+4K高清*1+3.5mm音頻接口+100W PD*1輸出 3 : USB 3.0*1+4K HD*1+3.5mm Audio Jack+100W PD*1+SD/TF卡槽USB3.0傳輸速度: 5GbpsHDMI 兼容分辨率: 4K 30HzTF卡: 支持從 2TB 存儲卡中檢索數據3.5mm音頻端口: 支持美規耳機尺碼: 83*36*19mm重量: 70/110/120克PD輸入功率: 最大 100W特徵 1 : 升級的開合設計特徵 2 : 彎掛功能特點 3 : 增加到6個端口特點 4 : 適用於手機/平板電腦/電腦功能: 適用於手機/平板/電腦
出貨方式 送貨
價錢 HK$495

Baseus 6 in 1 USB C HUB for iPad Pro MacBook Pro Air

【*】There are 4 models optional,please choose suitable model before purchase.

Padjoy Serise (Can use with protective case//Magic Keyboard/film)
【6-in-1 HDMI TF SD Model】
Output: USB 3.0 +4K HD+ SD/TF Slot + 3.5mm Jack+Type c pd 100W port (☆Most Cost-effective)
【4-in-1 HDMI Audio Model】
Output: USB 3.0 +4K HD+ 3.5mm Jack+Type c pd 100W port
Bend Angle Serise (Can not use with protective case//Magic Keyboard/film)
【6-in-1 Upgrade Model】
Output: USB 3.0 +4K HD+ TF Slot + 3.5mm Jack+Type c pd 60W port
【6-in-1 Standard Model】
Output: USB 3.0 +4K HD+ 3.5mm Jack+ SD/TF Slot+Type c pd 60W port

-USB 3.0:Data Transfer 5Gbps(1G movie can be transmitted in 5 seconds)

-HDMI-compatible: Support 4K/30Hz HD On-screen Display,iPad Pro 3rd is 4K@60Hz. Support HDCP 1.4/2.2

-SD/TF Slot:Do not Support Simultaneous Reading of TF Card and SD Card

-3.5mm Jack:Suitable for 3.5mm Jack Earphone Headphone Speaker

1) The hanging design of this hub only suitable for Pad Pro 2018 11inch/12.9inch, Pad Pro 2020 11inch/12.9inch,  Pad Pro 2021 11inch/12.9inch, Pad Air 4 10.9 inch, Pad Air 5 10.9inch. For other type-C device, it can be used on the desktop.

2) Due to the limitation of Apple systerm, only JPG or GIF format pictures and MPEG4 formats videos in U disk or SD/TF card be read.

3) Bacause of the one-way operation of Apple, it is impossible to export and iPad Pro album to a U disk or SD card/TF card insted,supports microSD ,SD ,SDHC,SDXC and other memory cards.

4) If Apple's latest 96W charger is connected to charge the laptop by our HUB, there may be abnormal situations such as disconnection of charging.

Instruction of checking if your laptop supports this product:
If the USBC port on the laptop only supports data transfer or charging, it cannot use all the functions of this hub.

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