GL-014 Orsefon- KLNGDOM 系列 12 寸高保真揚聲器 三分頻音箱 音頻無源音箱 300W 8ohm
品牌名稱: 金匯產地: 中國大陸揚聲器連接類型: 模擬傳輸光盤格式: 沒有任何型號: 王國系列揚聲器數量(前): 2發言人數(中): 0揚聲器數量(後置): 0聲音模式: PCM渠道: 5.0渠道: 5.1音箱箱體材質: 木頭認證: 沒有任何球員類型: 沒有任何
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定價 HK$7,327
價錢 HK$7,180.5

Product Parameters:

Product name :Orsefon- KLNGDOM series

Tweeter unit:SCAN-SPEAK 1inch

Midrange unit:10 inch coaxial

Woofer unit:12 inch ultra low tone

Frequency division point: 1.8KHZ

Sensitivity :92DB

Frequency range :24HZ-25KHZ

Maximum power :300W

Rated power :90W

Impedance :8 ohms

Weight (1 pair) : 128KG(1 pair)

Size: 450×500×1100mm (W*H*D)

Adopt resistive noise elimination treatment

There are many kinds of silencing, but their silencing mechanism can be divided into six main types, namely, resistive silencing, resistant silencing, impedance composite silencing, micro perforated plate silencing, small hole silencers and active silencing. The best effect adopted by Galefeng is the resistive noise elimination treatment, which mainly uses porous sound absorbing materials to reduce noise. The sound absorbing material is fixed on the inner wall of the air flow passage or arranged in the pipeline in a certain way to form a resistive muffler. When the sound wave enters the resistive muffler, part of the sound energy will be converted into heat energy by friction in the pores of the porous material and dissipated, which will weaken the sound wave passing through the muffler. The resistive muffler is just like a pure electrical resistance circuit, and the sound absorbing material is similar to the resistance. The resistive muffler has a good noise elimination effect for middle, high and low frequencies. After sound processing, the background is extremely quiet without any fussiness or interference. Besides, the mid-range sound is more durable

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