RJ45 網絡分路器電纜 1 公轉 3 母端口 LAN 以太網適配器適用於 Super Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 Cat7
品牌名稱: 維科科技接口類型: 其他港口: 1個功能: RJ45標準: USB 3.1產地: 中國大陸型號: /認證: 沒有任何產品尺寸: 310*22*21mm產品重量: 60克包裝尺寸: 120*100*25mm包裝重量: 60克
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價錢 HK$153

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RJ45 Network Splitter Cable 1 Male to 3 Female Port LAN Ethernet Adapter for Super Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 Cat7
1. Use this network splitter to easily convert RJ45 connections into three RJ45 sockets. Allows three computers to share high-speed DSL, cable modem and Ethernet ports without the need for a router, thereby extending the RJ45 socket to three standard 8P8C designs. The RJ45 8P8C splitter is compatible with Cat7, Cat6, Cat5, and Cat5e network Ethernet cables.
2. This RJ45 1 to 2 RJ45 Ethernet splitter can help you avoid pulling cables back and forth and avoid cable breaks. It can also be used as an extension, it is made of high-quality materials and has a smooth transmission. The fixed RJ45 female interface can shield external electromagnetic signal interference to prevent damage to the Internet signal.
3. If a network cable is installed in your room, it means that you are using three computers (or other devices: such as TV) to use this RJ45 1 to 3 ways. The RJ45 Ethernet splitter can help you not have to pull the cable back and forth .
4. The transmission is more stable, and the connection and transmission performance is better. The fixed RJ45 female interface shields external electromagnetic signal interference to prevent damage to the Internet signal. The 2mm thick PCB board is embedded in the conductive circuit to avoid damage to the conductor and leakage. Ensure a longer service life.

Product size: 310*22*21mm
Product weight: 60g
Packing size: 120*100*25mm
Package weight: 60g

This is not a router, the devices can't surf the Internet at the same time! This is just a splitter.
There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods and tools.
The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item because of different photographing light, angle and display monitor.

1 X Network Splitter Cable 


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