Baseus USB Type C HUB to HDMI-compatible Docking Station RJ45 Lan Multi USB PD 3.0 For MacBook Pro Air 4K USBC Splitter OTG HUB
品牌名稱: 倍思接口類型: USB C型港口: 6個功能: HDMI兼容/讀卡器/RJ45標準: USB 3.0產地: 中國大陸包裝: 是的插頭標準: 沒有任何長度: 其他型號: Type-C筆記本集線器適配器認證: CE、FCC特徵 1 : USB C 轉 4KHD USB 3.0 SD TF 讀卡器 RJ45 USB 適配器特徵 2 : 適用於華為 Mate 20 10 P30 P20 Pro USB 分路器集線器的 C 型轉換器特點 3 : USB Type-c 轉 USB 3.0 集線器 適用於 Macbook 三星 S10 S9 S9 Plus Note 8 9特點 4 : USB C HUB 適配器、USB C HUB 連接器、C HUB、USB-C 擴展塢特點 5 : USB HUB 外部電源、HUB USB、HUB USB 3.0、擴展塢、OTG 集線器特徵 6 : OTG 適配器、USB-C 集線器、USB HD 適配器、筆記本電腦集線器特點 7 : USB Type-C HUB,Type C HUB, Macbook 多功能擴展塢特點 8 : USB接口, USB HUB 3.0, HUB USB 3.0, 電腦配件輸出: USB 3.0, 4KHD, RJ45, SD, TF 讀卡器注意: USBC Hub有5種類型,購買前請看清楚!6 合 1 高清 USB C 集線器: USB 3.0*3+4K高清*1+SD/TF卡*1+PD*16 合 1 RJ45 USB C 集線器: USB 3.0*3 + 4K高清*1 + RJ45*1 + PD充電接口*15 合 1 高清 USB C 集線器: USB 3.0*3 + 4K高清*1 + PD充電接口*15 合 1 USB C 集線器: USB 3.0*4 + PD充電口*15 合 1 USB 2.0 集線器: USB 2.0*4 + Micro USB 接口*1
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價錢 HK$404


1.Please ensure that your laptop's USB-C port supports PD Power Delivery, DP Alt Mode and Data Transfer.Otherwise, some interface functions of the docking station can't be used.

Please consult your laptop's manual or contact the manufacturer for this information. (The Laptop has tb 3 / USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 / USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 port support power deliver, hdmi output and 10Gb/s data transfer. The USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 port: 5Gb/s (data transfer only) can't support hdmi display.)

2.When it is not possible to connect properly a hard disk and other monitor/device with high power consumption, please connect the charger to the Type C (PD) port of the product to charge the computer and other devices. 

The USB C hub itself consumes a certain amount of power consumption: for example, if your computer needs 65W, we recommended using a 90W charger. So we suggest using a non-original PD charger with larger power to ensure normal use.

3.The TypeC(PD) port Cannot be used for charging phone or computer directly, which is used for work with PD cable and charger to supply power for the hub, then the TypeC male port can charging for your computer and usb port can charging for your phone.

- Especially for Type C Port Laptop/Tablets/Phone

- Please ensure the Laptop has tb 3 / USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 /USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 (Support Power Delivery) to support multiple-display before purchase.

Due to system limited, only for Windows supports triple display. Apple laptop does not support triple display. It only support mirror mode and dual mode (the three external monitors show the same, but different from the host).
- All USB ports support Charging and Data Transfer.

- When the mobile phone / tablet uses the hub for data reading or Screen Extension Display, the phone/tablet itself needs to support the OTG function. 

Interface Parameter
-4KHD Connector:Support 4K/30Hz HD On-screen Display
-USB 3.0: Data Transfer 5Gbps(1G movie can be transmitted in 5 seconds)
-RJ45 Interface:Support 1000Mbps Ethernet Network
-Type C PD Port:Support 60W&100W PD Charge(Max)
-Function:USB 3.0,4KHD,RJ45,PD Charging USB HUB
1) As the power consumption of hard disk is high,please connect the charger for power supply when the contents of hard cannot be read normally
2) HUB might get warmer when using,please don't worry, this is normal and don't affect work.
6 In 1 4KHD USB C Hub:USB 3.0*3 | 4KHD*1|SD/TF Card*1 | PD*1
6 In 1 RJ45 USB C Hub:USB 3.0*3 | 4KHD*1 | RJ45*1| PD Charging Port*1
5 In 1 4KHD USB C Hub:USB 3.0*3 | 4KHD*1 | PD Charging Port*1
5 In 1 USB C Hub:USB 3.0*4 | PD Charging Port*1

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