USB C 集線器適配器 USB C 轉 USB 3.0 HDMI 兼容基座適用於 MacBook Air Pro 華為電腦配件 USB 3.0 Type C 分離器
品牌名稱: 漢普接口類型: USB C型港口: 6個產地: 中國大陸功能: HDMI兼容/讀卡器標準: USB 3.0認證: CE、FCC、RoHS長度: 15cm包裝: 是的使用 1 : 適用於擴展塢任天堂開關使用 2 : 適用於 MacBook Pro 個人電腦功能 1 : USB 轉 C 型適配器功能 2 : USB C適配器功能 3 : C 型 USB SD 適配器功能 4 : USB-C 集線器 / 集線器 USB C功能 5 : C型集線器功能 6 : USB C 分配器功能 7 : USB C集線器功能 8 : USB 3.1 集線器功能 9 : USB C 型集線器功能 10 : 適用於 macbook pro 的 USB c 集線器功能 11 : USB 集線器 c 型 hdmi功能 12 : USB C SD/TF 讀卡器 HUBusb
出貨方式 送貨
價錢 HK$199

There are 3 models available, please choose suitable model according to your needs:

Style A: 6 in 1 A Model: PD*1+HDMI-compatible*1+USB 3.0*1+USB 2.0*1+TF*1+SD*1 Style B: 6 in 1 B Model: HDMI-compatible*1+USB 3.0*1+USB 2.0*2+TF*1+SD*1 Style C: 4 in 1 Model: USB 3.0*1+USB 2.0*3

6 IN 1 Docking station

Solve the single problem of your laptop interface

Smart and Versatile

Multi-funtion interface expansion Meet your multi-interface expansion needs

Charging while playing without power failure

Support 87W fast charge,up to 100W,1.5 hours full macbook

Watch 4K HD TV

HDMI interface supports 3840*2160/30Hz resolution give you a cinema-like experience

Dual cards can read at the same time

solve the problem of macbook /ultrabook card reading without card slot

1G movie 5 seconds transfer

5Gbps transmission speed 500MB/S per second,transmission without pressure

Small and convenient easy travel

Put it in your briefcase easily withou burdening you

Examples of some supported models

suitbale for apple macbook,huawei matebook,xiaomi notebook and huawei P30 ,MATE 30, Samsung S9,S10 series mobile phones

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